Is there/ Are there? in ALT's Home Country

Students practice making is there/ are there questions by asking the ALT what is and isn't in their home country.

Wanted to think of a practical activity to practice is there/ are there questions and thought this kind of activity is practical and can serve as a cultural sharing opportunity, too.

Step 1: The ALT provides 5 questions to the students about their home country. I'm including my example sentences, but of course change it however you'd please. Students guess the answer, ALT checks, and if you'd like, show some pictures.
Step 2: Students (by themselves/in pairs/ in groups) think of 3 questions to ask the ALT. I've included an idea box because students really struggle to think of things on their own in my experience.
Step 3: Have the students write/ ask you their questions. There are many options available depending on your students level. Some quick ideas: As a class, have students ask one question per group. Students come up to you individually/in pairs/ groups. Have the students do one question at a time either by writing it and asking or simply brainstorming and asking you. Have one student in the group ask you the first question then rotate so the next student has to ask you the second question, etc.

The worksheet included has my 5 questions which I made about the U.S. I'll also upload a very simple powerpoint of images related to those questions.

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