Question sentence

Are you hungry?

  • Hello! How are you? (Starter Activity)

    Let's look at simple conversations featuring beloved characters!

  • Hidden Message

    Students complete a worksheet to find a hidden message at the end.

  • Who/What/When/Where/How

    A lesson to review the various 'Wh' words including 'How'.

  • How are you? Sugoroku

    Play a Super Smash Bro sugoroku (board game) while practicing How are you? and feelings.

  • 2年生 Review Questions (Units 0-3)

    Review questions for JHS 2nd Graders - covering Units 0-3

  • How many ~ Interview activity (Plural nouns)

    A fun gap fill activity for 1st graders to reinforce their knowledge of plural nouns and quantifiers.

  • Grammar Lesson: Present Simple

    What is present simple...? How to create present simple? How to create NEGATIVE present simple? When to USE present simple?! What are yes/no questions?! And what the HECK are wh- questions?!

  • (Wh-) Do You... BINGO!!

    Students practice present simple "do you..." questions and answers while trying to score points with bingo!! Also includes a variation available for present simple wh-questions.

  • Can you play Bingo

    Class activity

  • What time is it, Mr. Wolf?

    Call and response game where students move forward the number of steps Mr. Wolf calls out and when Mr. Wolf says dinner time, he chases the students. First student caught becomes Mr. Wolf.

  • How long~?

    To practice the grammar expression for the Unit.

  • Lucky Line Game (New Horizon 1 Units 1~3 Review)

    Inspired by MicheleHii`s original lucky line game creation, this game is a modified version of crisscross game. I hope you and your students enjoy it as much as we did.

  • Shark Attack (Hangman Alternative)

    An easy-to-understand spelling game to practice the alphabet. Instead of drawing a hangman, a looming shark comes nearer and nearer to a swimmer with every incorrect guess.

  • NHE5 Unit 4: Who is this? Game

    NHE5U4: Using the "they can" grammar point, students have to figure out which character the teacher is talking about.

  • NH 1 Unit 4 pt. 3 Kahoot Practice 

    Students play Kahoot to review 'What animal do you like' 'What _____ can we see?'

  • Comparing Pokemon!

    Comparing Pokemon to each other based on easy to identify characteristics

  • Bingo (with variations)

    Goes with questions that have Yes/No answers (Do you?/ Are you?/ Can you?/ Will you?/ Did you?/ Have you?) Matching answers (three or more) - 1 bingo. The student with highest bingo count wins.

  • Must and mustn't (School Rules in Philippines)

    This is a true or false quiz about schools in my country (Philippines)

  • I want to go to 国 to するために

    Short writing practice based practicing the infinitive grammar point outlined on p37 of New Horizon 2.

  • Guess Who!

    The classic Guess Who! game (with just printouts) to practice "do you have" and "are you" questions.

  • Stationery GO FISH card game

    Meant to review "Do you have ___?" statements and Unit 5 from Let's Try! 2 ("Do you have a pen?"). This is a printable GO FISH game with some Uno elements that make it more fun. Good for groups of 4.

  • Are you~? Do you~? Tictactoe

    Students ask questions using Are you? and Do you? to play Tictactoe.

  • How do you~?

    Super simple worksheet to get students to practice questions.

  • Where do you have English today?

    Students fill in the missig information by completing the conversation using where and when.

  • My Conbini 'How many' 'I want to ...'

    Reviews 'How many' and plural 's' as well as 'I want to buy...'

  • Test Your Luck!

    Fortune telling activity using present perfect questions.


    New Horizon 3, Unit 2, Present Perfect

  • Gerund Tug of War Game

    Gerund game that gets students up and moving. Two teams try to eliminate the other by reading all the cards and when they meet they do じゃんけん。 Similar to tug of war but pushing the other team back.

  • What/How/Are you? Electric Boogaloo

    A short and fun interview activity where students ask set questions to guess which character each of their classmates is.

  • Are / Do / Can - review 2

    Affirmative, Question and Negative forms

  • Are / Do / Can - review 1

    Quick written review of these types of sentences. Question form and affirmative form.

  • How many pencils do you have? Guess Who game

    A variation of "Guess who?" using the contents of the character's pencil cases.

  • Guess Who - Are you, Do you, Can you?

    Guess Who worksheet made for end of Unit 1 review for JHS textbook New Horizons - 1, with optional Writing Practice page.

  • Are you...? / Do you...? Bingo

    Get the students to recognize the difference between the two types

  • Guess the Animal

    This is an activity to practice Can/ Are/ Do you questions with 1st graders. Guess which animal the students have chosen by asking Are/ Can/ Do you questions.

  • Sit Down Elimination Games

    Students are asked a question and based on their answer they either stay standing or are eliminated and sit down. Great for short reviews at the start or end of class.

  • Card King

    It's basically Cards Against Humanity, but for students.

  • Mario Party - Have you ever

    Have students work together in groups in order to gather the most coins!

  • 4 corners

    A fun game to play with a big class.

  • Self-Intro: Team Quiz Format

    Self-introduction with JHS or HS students asking the ALT questions.

  • Top 5 activities

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

  • 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝑪𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒐𝒂𝒅

    New Horizon 1 (2021), Unit 8-11 Review Game

  • Snakes and Ladders

    A3 Snakes and Ladders board with card sections for use as a review activity.

  • Mario Party - Have you ever

    Have students work together in groups in order to gather the most coins!

  • Candy Jar Quiz (how many)

    (social-distancing-friendly) Students compete to correctly guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar using a PowerPoint.

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