Find hungry cat What do you usually do on Sunday

A battleships style game for New Horizon 6 unit 2 using - Always, usually, sometimes, never

This is just a variation of a game I made for New Horizon 5, but I've changed the household chore pictures to weekend activities.

Do the powerpoint first - There is a grid. Activities along the top, always, usually, sometimes, never along the side. There is a hungry cat hidden behind six squares. Just like battleships the students have to say the correct combination to find the hidden cat. e.g. I usually watch TV on Sundays. I made three rounds, but feel free to stop at one or twp, or make more.

The pictures are a little small, so I did give out the worksheet just so the students could see the pictures clearly.

The worksheet allows the students to have their own go. Give them a couple of minutes to draw a cat that takes up six squares. They must keep the picture hidden from their pair. They then try to guess where their pair has hidden their cat by marking a circle or x (Or any marking of your choosing) on the grid.

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    Submitted by redshirt May 22, 2023 Estimated time: 10 - 15 minutes

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