Disco Typhoon

A fun, disco-themed spin on the classic game!

So most of my students absolutely love when we play Typhoon, but we were all getting a little bored of using the same board over and over again. And so Disco Typhoon was born, just like the original but with more music and an obscene amount of neon fonts.

This plays like any normal game of Typhon except the Typhoon is now "Disco Time" feel free to play around with this any way you like. Some of my students like when the Typhoon clears away a teams own points, others like being able to choose another tam to have wiped out by the Typhoon. One class that is particularly full of competitive little risk takers decided to do "janken dance battles".

In this scenario the team who gets the typhoon pit one member against one person from another team, they dance towards each other and play janken. If the original team gets the question right, they steal the other teams points, if they lose, the challenging team is safe.

Another class of creatives decided to have actual little dance offs and let the JTE pick who had the best moves (I only have one class with this much creative gall but I adore them <3 ) so feel free to play around with this feature!

Also, on each slide the arrow will return you to the question menu and the eyes will take you to the final slide.

One small note I have is that on the "Disco Time" slides, you may have to click again to get the music starting. ( cannot figure out how to get it to play automatically like it does on the intro slide so if anyone has any advice I will take it!

So have fun and have a lil boogie with your kids and if anyone has any constructive advice or questions please hmu!

Edit: People brought it to my attention that the download file is too big for non subscriber accounts, so I'm adding a google drive link fr those with free accounts. Hope this helps!

Large files (requires a subscriber account) -
  • Disco Typhoon 1.pptm (59.2 MB)
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    Submitted by GaeilgeAmee October 5, 2023 Estimated time: 40-50 minutes
    1. jxjan October 12, 2023

      requires a subscriber account :( And it's a real pita to sign up for one.

    2. GaeilgeAmee October 13, 2023

      @jxjan Yeah...admittedly I sort of forgot about the limit for the non-subscriber accounts when I was uploading it, will try and add a drive link in the next few days to make it easier for people.

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