"Do you have a ... ?" Survey Activity

For elementary school 4th grade with the Let's Try 2 textbook.

I used this sheet with my 4th graders to make their own original survey and then ask the other members of their class (or anyone around the school!) if they have the chosen thing. My school has always had a lot of dictionaries, so I give them a chance to come up with their own idea for a survey, such as "Do you have a dog?" or "Do you have a bicycle?" or "Do you have a Nintendo Switch?", and then look up or ask how to write it. Once they have chosen something, they can move around the classroom (or optionally around the whole school, if your teachers like that kind of thing) and write down the names of the people they talked to in the appropriate column. They can write the total number of people in each column at the bottom of the worksheet when the time is up.

I'm uploading the powerpoint that I used to make the worksheet so people can make edits as they like. If people find it more convenient I can also upload as a pdf in the future.

Submitted by AndrewL November 14, 2023 Estimated time: 10min or longer

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