Let's Try


Specific to the Let's Try textbook.

Recent activities
Let's Try One Lesson Five Vocabulary Practice

This is a powerpoint to help practice the vocabulary for this lesson. Useful for keyword game and teacher three choice quiz.

Stuff on a Desk

A picture for practicing 'how many' and stationery.

Let's Try Lesson Four Color Practice

A powerpoint to help do the first lesson of this unit.

Let's Try What Time!

Powerpoint activities for let's try 2 lesson 4. Focus on teaching the vocabulary such as 'Wake-up time'

Star Get Feelings

A powerpoint game to review feelings for Let's Try 1 Lesson 2

Let's Try Weather and Play POINTS GET GAME

A 5 x 5 style game for Let's Try 2 Lesson 2.

Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attacks

Quizzes and either write and race or speak and race activities.

Halloween Quizes

These are the 3 choice Halloween quizes I use in junior high and elementary

Memory Book

A powerpoint activity for practicing 'how many' and plural forms.

Top 5 activities

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