Phone Conversations

The activity practices telephone conversations.

  • Invite Your Friend to a Concert

    based off of New Horizon 2 p.115 (prep time: less than 5 mins)

  • Let's Write an Email

    This worksheet is specific to page 45 of the New Horizon 2 textbook; the Let's Write activity.

  • Like Rally 👍 (Speaking Act.)

    Perfect activity to practice any dialogue. Students walk around, find a classmate and practice the dialogue. Once they're done, they can receive a "Nice!" sticker from their partner.

  • Phone Call Relay Guide!

    A conversation guide which gives situations, answers, and reactions used in phone calls!

  • Let's Talk About Smartphones

    Students learn some useful phrases regarding smartphones, and then they write about if they think smartphones are good or bad.

  • Call Me Up

    Students aim to communicate with each other without actually seeing each other, as they would on a telephone.

  • Telephone Skit Sign Game

    Students practice a simplified telephone dialogue and try and collect signs. Based on New Crown 1 Lesson 7 let's talk.

  • Phone Janken Out

    Student engage in a fun conversational activity that practices an easy phone conversation.

  • Briiing Briiing Briiingo

    Students learn simple telephone conversation English and practice it via bingo.

  • Will You Phone Convo

    Students write sentences and plug them into the phone conversation dialog.

  • Characters Calling

    This activity is to help students get familiar with speaking on the phone and inviting their friends out.

  • Hello, this is Yun-ho. Talking on the phone.

    Used with New Horizon 1 page 72. Practices phone conversations.

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