Like Rally 👍 (Speaking Act.)

Perfect activity to practice any dialogue. Students walk around, find a classmate and practice the dialogue. Once they're done, they can receive a "Nice!" sticker from their partner.

This activity is suitable for:
- “Let’s Talk” and “Enjoy communication” activities (ES & JHS)
- Any verbal dialogue in the textbook (E.g. Asami and Josh)
- Q&A dialogue
*Example #1: *
Q: Have you ever been to Tokyo?
A: Yes, I have. [No I haven’t])
*Example #2: *
Q: How many pens do you have?
A: I have three pens.

Things to Note:
- No seat or desk arrangement needed
- [OPTIONAL] Preparation time is required to make dialogue on the WS and print “Like stickers”

Required Materials
--> [OPTIONAL] “Like” stickers + zip lock bag to put stickers in
NOTE: I recommend printing about 4-5 stickers sheets and using the paper guillotine to cut them out. (There are 72 stickers in total)
--> [OPTIONAL] If you're using stickers, students must have their glue stick/glue tape with them to glue their stickers on their WS
--> Print out worksheets (I made 4 types depending on how you want to run the activity)

For detailed notes on how to play this game, it's all included in the notes section (PPT file).

- Practice target dialogue/Q&A/etc with students
- Have students stand up and walk around practicing the dialogue.
- When they both finish the dialogue, they exchange "LIKE" stickers
- If you’re doing stickers, before you start, tell the students to come up to you if they run out of stickers and have them say “May I have some stickers, please?” (Simple Ver: Stickers, please.)
NOTE: If you're NOT doing stickers, the students will write their name, initials, or draw a picture instead in the "thumbs up" emoji.
- There are 72 stickers to collect!
- OPTIONAL When they're all seated down, ask for volunteers to stand up and say the target dialogue.

Small files
  • Worksheet Example #1.jpg (821 KB)
  • Worksheet Example #2.jpg (850 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • いいね!Stickers.docx (2.53 MB)
  • いいね!Stickers.pdf (1.2 MB)
  • [EXAMPLE][JHS][1ST][U2P3] Enjoy Communication (p. 28) (1-1).docx (1.46 MB)
  • [EXAMPLE][JHS][1ST][U3P2] Want To - Like Rally (pp. 32-3).docx (2.7 MB)
  • [EXAMPLE][JHS][2ND] My Plans - Mini Activity (p. 11) (いいね!Rally).docx (1.53 MB)
  • [EXAMPLE][JHS][2ND] Unit Activity (p. 30) (Like Rally).docx (2.53 MB)
  • Like Sticker Bag.jpg (1.57 MB)
  • Like Rally Template (No Stickers Ver.) (No Dialogue).dotx (1.46 MB)
  • Like Rally Template (No Stickers Ver.) (W. Dialogue).dotx (1.46 MB)
  • Like Rally Template (Stickers Ver.) (No Dialogue).dotx (1.45 MB)
  • Like Rally Template (Stickers Ver.) (W. Dialogue).dotx (1.45 MB)
  • 「いいね!」 Like Rally.pptx (37.9 MB)
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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu August 30, 2023 Estimated time: 15-30 mins
    1. lsuna October 19, 2023

      Hi, what are the fonts that you are using?

    2. unoplusunoistu October 19, 2023

      @Isuna Hi! Is it for the PPT? Sorry, it seems like I forgot to embed the fonts. I have now toggled that on.
      Please download the PPT file again.

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