Let's Try

Specific to the Let's Try textbook.

  • This is my favorite place

    This is an easy quiz to jog students memory on the English words they had previously learnt.

  • Simon says simple explantion

    Simple visual aid explantion for Simon says for ES 4th grade, 5th grade and JSH 1st grade.

  • Hot Potato Digital (E.S. Level)

    Simple game to help students to practice vocabulary or sentences.

  • Rock, Paper Scissors. Digital (E.S.grade 3)

    Fun game to help students to learn how to play Rock, Paper, Scissor. Basically the same activity on page 12 of the Let's Try1! textbook, but in a digital format.

  • Review Digital Board Game E.S. grade 5

    A simple board game with some questions that students can use to review somethings they've learned.

  • 3rd Grade Let’s Try Review

    Review of Units 1 to 9 of the Let’s Try 1 textbook.

  • Stationery Kahoot

    A kahoot to practice stationery.

  • Best Online Link:Make a Parfait/Pizza !

    online link that's compatible to students'/teachers' tablets no prep needed! just send the link to your HRT and they will set it up on LoiloNote. easy to use and has many customization buttons

  • 4th Grade Let’s Try 2 Kahoot Review

    Review of Units 1 to 6 of the Let’s Try 2 textbook.

  • Shapes and Colors Kahoot

    A kahoot quiz to review the shapes and colors. Great practice for Unit 7 of the Let’s Try 1 textbook.

  • Make a Pizza!

    This is my first attempt at making an actual game. So please give me feedback!

  • Order a Pizza

    Role play and worksheet all in one. Take your partner's order and make your partner's pizza, then deliver! (Yet another variant of Let's Try 2, Unit 7, Activity 2).

  • Find the Elf (fruits & veggies version)

    Original by GinaG! This version uses fruits and veggies.

  • Help Surfing Santa Find the Missing Presents

    I made this activity for my 4th grade class. I thought that my students would enjoy a Christmas themed lesson.

  • PowerPoint Christmas Card Shapes Example

    Let's Try 1 Unit 7

  • Alphabet wordsearch Let’s Try 1

    Wordsearch for Unit 6 Let’s Try 1.

  • Where is the classroom? PPT (E.S. grade 4)

    (Let's try2! Unit 8) PPT designed to help students tell their friends where the rooms in the school are.

  • Pusheen Pizza Maker🐱🍕 (PPT)

    (Let's Try 2, Unit 7) Pusheen is a talented cat that loves to make pizza! Students can order a pizza that's sweet, savory, or a mix of the two!

  • Christmas (December) Board

    Purpose is to elicit the students to the prompt "What gift do you want for Christmas?"

  • ABC memory "Capital Letters" (E.S. grade 3)

    It's a simple PowerPoint ABC memory game with capital letters, but the file can be edited.

  • Digital Sugoroku Review (Let's try 1,2)

    Fun Sugoroku game to help students remembering what they've learned. I mainly designed it for elementary school grades 3 and 4, but if you change the pictures you could used it for any grade.

  • 🌱Let's make your pencil case! ✏️📐4th grade

    🤝Students make pairs and create their own pencil case, using the stationery they want. 👬Then their friend tries to recreate the same pencil case. This is a scratch game!

  • Who is this

    3 hint quiz worksheet to practice using plural verbs and introducing people

  • Food Ohajiki (Let's Try 1! Unit 5)

    Multiple games that can be used with this powerpoint. Elementary school students grade 3 level .

  • Colors "Life Game" (Let's try1 ! book)

    A fun game to help elementary school grade 3 students to learn colors.

  • Flags E.S.Grade 3 Guessing game

    Powerpoint game designed to help elementary school grade 3 students learn the name of some countries. (Let's Try! 1 book).

  • Hunt for the ~ing (7年) Halloween themed

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Spelling Activity

    A simple game to help elementary school students grades 3 and 4 to learn how to spell.

  • 4年生 "Do you have a ___?" stationary ppt/game!

    Let's Try 2 Stationary vocab review + practicing the grammar point "Do you have a ____?" "Yes I do" / "No, I don't".

  • I'm from~ . Activity (E.S. grades 4 and 5)

    Simple rock, paper, scissors activity for elementary school students grades 4,5.

  • Battle for Japan: Generalized version

    Capture as many prefectures as possible by getting the correct answers.

  • 🌱Let's make a pizza🍕 4年 What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th/ Practice "What do you want?" by crafting the ultimate pizza with the toppings your friends crave! 🤝👬 Ignite the joy of collaboration and unleash your culinary creativity in

  • 🌱 Let's make a parfait🍨 4年 What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th 🌈 Dive into an exciting world of learning with our specially crafted Scratch game! 🚀 In this interactive experience, students team up to create delightful parfaits. 🍨👫

  • Colors Board Game (Sugoroku)

    A board game for 3rd grade ES Let's Try 1 or anyone teaching colors.

  • Character ABC/abc Guessing Game

    Students guess the character for each letter of the alphabet as parts of their picture are slowly revealed.

  • Shapes Collection of Activities

    based on Let's Try 1 textbook, ES 3nensei, Unit 7 pages 26-29 Lesson Plan for 4 weeks, worksheets, materials I will try to update this as we go along this lesson

  • "Do you have a ... ?" Survey Activity

    For elementary school 4th grade with the Let's Try 2 textbook.

  • Pizza making worksheet

    Lets try 2 unit 7

  • Fruit'n'Veg Spinner Game

    Team Powerpoint Game for Let's Try 2 Unit 7 What do you want? Stolen (adapted) from Spin the Wheel (Countries) Point Game by keikeikei.

  • Shapes Spinner Game

    Team Powerpoint Game for Let's Try 1 Unit 7 Shapes. Stolen (adapted) from Spin the Wheel (Countries) Point Game by keikeikei.

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