Requires students to have a pencil or a similar writing instrument.

  • Christmas Bingo (writing practice)

    A fun bingo that has students practice writing with a Christmas theme!

  • What a nice present!

    A simple Christmas related activity to practice exclamatory sentences. Students write and draw what they want for Christmas. After that, they walk around and do the sample dialogue with a partner.

  • Alphabet wordsearch Let’s Try 1

    Wordsearch for Unit 6 Let’s Try 1.

  • December coloring sheet/image search

    Image search drawing for Christmas/December

  • Original English comic

    A creative writing lesson plan for students to make an original English comic. Created for JHS 3nen, but can be adopted for other grade levels.

  • Let's Write 1 NH Greeting Cards

    Different templates for New Horizon 1 Let's Write

  • Christmas Lesson and Game

    Christmas and Pictionary/Go Fish

  • NH2 - I know 疑問詞 - 2 Truths & 1 Lie

    Play 2 truths 1 lie to practice the key sentence [subject] know(s) [interrogative] [verb] blah blah... STS practice original writing, reading, and listening.

  • New Horizon 1 Unit 6 Activity

    Worksheet for practicing speaking and writing the key sentences in the Unit.

  • Snowball of Friendship

    A game to get students practicing writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Minimal materials required.

  • Connect Four 🟡🔴 (Pair Game)

    A great way to incorporate a classic game into a fun speaking activity where they have to say a sentence before they can drop the chip.

  • Where is ○○?

    Working as pairs, students must navigate and give each other directions in their classrooms turned into their town.

  • Pronunciation game (Minimal pairs)

    Pronunciation game focusing on listening and speaking skills differentiating 'r' & 'l', 'v' & 'f', and 's' & 'th' sounds.

  • This is my stew/salad/soup!

    New Horizon 6 Unit 6: A fun drawing worksheet to practice ''The ___ is from ___.''

  • Colors Board Game (Sugoroku)

    A board game for 3rd grade ES Let's Try 1 or anyone teaching colors.

  • What's in your room?

    Students practice using "There is/are" to describe what's in their room.

  • Clue: Robbery

    Mystery game based on the Clue (Cluedo) board game. Students will use "If I were you, I would..." to give the police tips about the crime.

  • Changing Trains! NH2 Let's Talk Activity

    My JTE asked me to create this activity for page 81 of the NH 2 textbook. She wanted me to use the train route from our prefecture instead of the one in the text. Feel free to try it out!

  • Let's Write an Email

    This worksheet is specific to page 45 of the New Horizon 2 textbook; the Let's Write activity.

  • Shapes Collection of Activities

    based on Let's Try 1 textbook, ES 3nensei, Unit 7 pages 26-29 Lesson Plan for 4 weeks, worksheets, materials I will try to update this as we go along this lesson

  • Ask Me! Please.

    This is a very basic worksheet that covers page 60 (Unit 4) of the New Horizon 3 textbook. It has scramble questions along with changing questions to indirect questions using: ~ Do you know...?

  • Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

    based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

  • What Should You Do?

    Students read situations and describe what to do using should, shouldn't, and must

  • Pizza making worksheet

    Lets try 2 unit 7

  • What Had Happened? Past Perfect Game

    Students compete to create the best/funniest explanation for past tense situations using past perfect tense.

  • Ordering at a Restaurant_Speaking Practice

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS 1年生 Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.85 Ordering at a Restaurant Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • Pikachu Directional Vocabulary / Drawing Activity

    3 part directional vocab exercise!

  • Cave of Wonders (NH3 U6 "I wish...")

    Students will work in groups to change prompts into Key Sentence 19 from New Horizon 3's Unit 6. Then, they will play a game.

  • Letter formation practice

    A collection of worksheets and workbooks to help students practice writing upper and lowercase letters. Some worksheets also include 2 letter combos.

  • The Blue House (Story + Worksheet Activity)

    This is a 2-paged story meant for 3rd year high schoolers. It includes a worksheet for them to do either in class or for homework.

  • Three letter words lottery

    The same as the alphabet lottery game I posted, but this practiced three letter words. Students choose the first letter and then listen to the words called out to see if they've scored any points.

  • Alphabet lottery

    Simliar to Bingo. Students choose nine letters, choose a shape to write the letter. If that letter is called out, the student scores the amount of points allotted to that shape.

  • 6th grade, Unit 5 Three Hint Quiz

    Students make a 3 hint quiz based on an animal that they like.

  • Murder Mystery

    Students read hints to figure out who the killer is. (reading, comprehension, critical thinking, teamwork)

  • Heads Up!

    Students pair up and have to guess what they are based on their partner's description/clues/hints. Similar to the app of the same name, but I prepared index cards with various words on one side.

  • Advice about Japan

    JHS 2nd Grade exercise practicing different modal/auxiliary verbs.

  • Halloween Relative Pronoun Activity

    An activity to practice relative pronouns (関係代名詞)

  • Hunter and Animals Matching Game (using Who Q's)

    Game Mechanics to practice speaking/using "Who" questions / Reduced Relative Clause specific to One World 1nensei book, Lesson 6-2, p. 78-79 (Example: Who wants mango pudding?)

  • Guess the monster! Halloween game

    This is a fun activity for Halloween that I used with my JHS 1st years. Each student will be randomly assigned a halloween creature. They have to figure out who is what using the information given.

  • Jack-O-Lantern Basket

    Print Out to make a Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin basket out if paper.

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