Requires students to have a pencil or a similar writing instrument.

Recent activities
In the past

Past simple fill in the blanks New Crown 1 Lesson 9 past tense

A comprehensive introduction into INDIA

Learn about India's languages, nature, food, sport, movies and inventions in this fun and interactive presentation!

General Knowledge (Amazing Review)

This general knowledge quiz reviews Grade 2 grammar points learnt thus far and some of these questions, just wow.

ONE PIECE Passive Voice Memory Game

A presentation to introduce it then a card game for practicing.

New Year, New Me

Teach the students about different new year traditions

Guinness World Records

Dictation? YES. Quiz? YES. Guinness world records? YES.

Christmas Trivia

10 multiple choice questions about Christmas

Relative clause worksheet

A simple worksheet for practicing relative clauses.

Reduced relative clause worksheet

A simple worksheet for practicing the reduced relative clause.

Could you tell me how to get to shinkansen map

This activity goes along with the Could you tell me how to get to . . . lesson in New Horizon and uses the shikansen map.

Where is this state?

Students get an almost blank map of the US, and ask the ALT where states are.

What is exciting for you? Gerunds worksheet

Students write how they feel about activities, and then ask their friends how they feel about the activities. Last, they write about the other students.

Comparative Quiz!

A team game where the students choose which of two answers they believe to be true.

Merry Crimbo!

Christmas in the UK! Food ! Food ! Food !

Pictures with Santa

A logic puzzle based on the "Day at the Zoo" activity, useful for practicing contact clauses.

New Crown 3 - Grammar Review USE English

Get the students engaged and actively using English! Great for reviewing taught grammar!

Freestyle Othello

Students play an Othello-inspired game while practicing relative pronouns with a partner.

NC Let's Talk 4 - HOW MUCH IS IT? UK Edition

Money Money Money ~ Must be funny ~ In a rich man's world!

3 hint quiz - LET'S WARM UP!

Enjoy testing the students critical thinking with these 3 hint questions!

Which do you like? TEACHER and ALT QUIZ

Do your students know you? FIND OUT!

Australia - an Introduction

Learn about Australia!

Calvin and Hobbes writing

Have your students practice simple present, present progressive, past tense, or past progressive using Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

Let's Interview Our Friends (Sunshine 3, Prog 8)

Interviewing students and teachers while using the relative pronoun.


Introduction into Brazil

The UK - an introduction

Introducing the UK to the students

Textbook Treasure Hunt (Sunshine 3)

Textbook treasure hunt activity to review grammar and content from Sunshine 3, Programs 1 through 7.

My Dream Burger Set

Students draw and write using prepositions to describe their dream burger set.

Quick 'n' Easy Bingo Cards

5x5 bingo cards for the alphabet.

Daruma Quiz Game

A quiz game for half the lesson time that can be paired with a teacher interview.

My Room

A room drawing activity to practice the "There is / There are" grammar.

Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game

A topic based quiz game inspired by the TV program Jeopardy

Vocabulary Spell-A-Thon

This game allows you to review vocabulary with the students by testing their listening and writing skills in pairs. Suitable for JHS and SHS, as well as low-level SHS students.

What's in the park?

Group activity where students practice asking "Is there/Are there?" questions with locations (in, on, under, by). Made with New Horizons 2 Unit 6.2 in mind.

Airplane Crash

An activity to practice the "There is / There are" grammar by having the students search an airplane crash site.

Weird Festivals!

"Is there a _______ festival?" (insert weird festival)

Time zones worksheet

This is a complementary worksheet for the ''Time zones '' PowerPoint that is posted on the website.

Halloween Haunted House: Listen and Draw

Students listen to the description and draw 8 items to create a haunted house.


Students practice speaking the grammar point while playing tic-tac-toe with a partner.


Find out what your future holds and practice the future tense using the classic fortune-telling game.

"Do you ~" Buzzfeed style quiz

Buzzfeed quiz style activity to find out what Disney movie you or your partner like.

Top 5 activities
  • Battle for Japan A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site.
  • Code Breakers ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word.
  • Almost Pokemon Battle Game This is a write and race activity the students play in groups.
  • ALMOST MARIO KART Powerpoint Game The students work together as a team to answer the teachers question in fun class race. I added one for Passive Voice.
  • Merry Crimbo! Christmas in the UK! Food ! Food ! Food !

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