Requires students to have a pencil or a similar writing instrument.

  • My Summer Vacation Postcard

    Students reflect on their summer vacation and create a postcard to "send" to the teacher about what they did.

  • Hidden Message

    Students complete a worksheet to find a hidden message at the end.

  • Who/What/When/Where/How

    A lesson to review the various 'Wh' words including 'How'.

  • Alphabet Pyramid

    A good activity to practice alphabet or phonics.

  • How many ~ Interview activity (Plural nouns)

    A fun gap fill activity for 1st graders to reinforce their knowledge of plural nouns and quantifiers.

  • Grammar Lesson: Present Simple

    What is present simple...? How to create present simple? How to create NEGATIVE present simple? When to USE present simple?! What are yes/no questions?! And what the HECK are wh- questions?!

  • (Wh-) Do You... BINGO!!

    Students practice present simple "do you..." questions and answers while trying to score points with bingo!! Also includes a variation available for present simple wh-questions.

  • Stick Figure Races and Writing

    A jankan based pattern practice for the general infinitive, small talk and follow up writing.

  • Color Bingo

    Students color in the bingo squares per their liking and the teacher randomly picks/draws colors.

  • "" Who are these people?!

    Simple half-worksheet - Students complete sentences for "It is easy/hard/fun/important for me to ______" and the teacher reads them, students guess who wrote it.

  • Hello! My name is ~

    Creating your own Lego person! Use at the beginning of the year during introductions!

  • NHE5 Unit 4: Who is this? Game

    NHE5U4: Using the "they can" grammar point, students have to figure out which character the teacher is talking about.

  • Space Invaders - vocabulary attack!

    This is a vocabulary game based on the arcade game space invaders! Will your students shoot down the words or get hit first?

  • Interview Bingo (What's your hobby?)

    This uses the New Crown 2 grammar and vocabulary from page 43's drill section. This can be edited to make the sentences more complicated and to include different hobbies from the ones listed.

  • What did you do for summer/winter vacation?

    In this activity, students write about what they did over summer or winter vacation using the past tense. Once they finish writing, they draw a picture of their vacation.

  • Bingo (with variations)

    Goes with questions that have Yes/No answers (Do you?/ Are you?/ Can you?/ Will you?/ Did you?/ Have you?) Matching answers (three or more) - 1 bingo. The student with highest bingo count wins.

  • Shuffle Game

    You can do this activity on any topics that you want. This is my to-go game hahaha! I give the students a shuffled sentence and I let them arrange it in order. Enjoy!

  • Let’s make a Haiku

    Worksheet to make a haiku.

  • I want to go to 国 to するために

    Short writing practice based practicing the infinitive grammar point outlined on p37 of New Horizon 2.

  • About You! Worksheet

    This is a template worksheet for creating an All About Me poster for grade 1 PG.54.

  • Guess Who!

    The classic Guess Who! game (with just printouts) to practice "do you have" and "are you" questions.

  • "I think that..." worksheet

    Students complete a worksheet practicing the I think that pattern in Unit 2 of the New Horizon textbook.

  • Are you~? Do you~? Tictactoe

    Students ask questions using Are you? and Do you? to play Tictactoe.

  • How do you~?

    Super simple worksheet to get students to practice questions.

  • Where do you have English today?

    Students fill in the missig information by completing the conversation using where and when.

  • My Conbini 'How many' 'I want to ...'

    Reviews 'How many' and plural 's' as well as 'I want to buy...'

  • Weather Report Battleship

    Practice with days of the week and weather for new/young learners.

  • Do you like...? (Find your match)

    A short review for "I like~" and "Do you like~?" using writing and speaking. 1st year JHS.

  • It... is... for... Writing Practice

    Short worksheet using the It... is... for... grammar structure laid out in p37 of New Horizon 3

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Feathers

    Have students write what they are thankful for on paper turkey feathers and use them to make the tail of a turkey.

  • Body Parts Quiz. Sunshine 3 Page 14

    This is a vocabulary gap activity that uses the main body parts picture on page 125 of Sunshine 3. The vocabulary gained can be used with the Please Help Me! exercise page 14.

  • Alternate Reality

    students think about what could be different in life using "if I were..."

  • Guess Who

    write "want to" sentences to help friends guess who/what you are

  • "What are the rules here?" group game

    students work in small groups to write sentences using "have to", "don't have to", "must", and "must not" to describe rules for various locations

  • Shocking News

    students practice passive voice by reporting recent news

  • "Virtual Life"

    practice for "if I were... I would..." and "if I were... I could..."

  • Let’s make a Haiku

    A short and simple worksheet for students to use to make haikus.

  • New Horizons 2 Unit 2 crossword

    A simple crossword worksheet for NH2 Unit 2

  • Tug-of-War (Kite Battle)

    Tug-of-war based activity for translation races

  • What/How/Are you? Electric Boogaloo

    A short and fun interview activity where students ask set questions to guess which character each of their classmates is.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Battle for Japan

    A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site.

  • ALMOST MARIO KART Powerpoint Game

    The students work together in teams to answer the teachers questions in fun class race.

  • Code Breakers

    ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word.

  • Pikachu! Where are you?

    Chase Pikachu around the city and then let the kids give it a try themselves

  • Almost Pokemon Battle Game

    This is a write and race activity the students play in groups.

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