Requires students to have a pencil or a similar writing instrument.

  • Listen and Write Word Search

    20 different word searches of varying levels where the students will listen, write and find 6 different words.

  • Numbers 1-20 Memory Sequence Game

    Students make their own sequence of 7 digits, using only 2 specific numbers at a time. Go around the room, and have other classmates memorize and say the sequence. for ES 1,2,3年 or other beginners

  • Super Simple "If" Writing Worksheet

    A worksheet with four prompts students can answer to make "if" sentences.

  • Hamburger Writing Worksheet

    A simple worksheet for hamburger writing.

  • Review of New Horizons 3 through p. 23

    A worksheet to review New Horizons 3 through p.23. Designed for basic students

  • Monthly Newsletter - June

    A monthly newsletter for each grade (using New Horizon), employing grammar from what unit (I hope) we're studying that month.

  • "If, When, Because" Simple Worksheet

    A simple worksheet to improve comprehension of if, when, and because.

  • Where Is The Library?

    This is an interview style game for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.30 "Where...?" "When...?" questions


    Uses of gerunds

  • Let’s Try 2. Unit 2. Japan weather pair activity.

    Here are 2 maps of Japan (Sheet A and a sheet B). There are 13 cities named (English/Kanji with furigana) and a box to draw the weather in. This is a simple pair-work info gap activity.

  • Everyone Go To Sleep

    This is a group activity/memory game for JHS New Horizons 2 p.23 "When I..." conjunction

  • Birthday Cards

    Students create birthday cards for their friends and use "When is your birthday?" and "What do you want for your birthday?"

  • SVOO pair speaking activity

    A fun, easy-to-explain worksheet activity for 2nd grade JHS students to practice asking and answering questions using SVOO (subject verb object object).

  • Typhoon Mayhem - Review Game 🌀

    A new (?) and fairer way to play Typhoon that gives all teams a chance to pick a card each round.

  • Where Have You Been? (Two Truths & A Lie)

    A simple two truths and lie activity for 3rd year JHS. Can also be retrofitted for 6th Grade Elementary school for "My best memory unit" using past tense grammar.

  • LT2 Unit 4 ~ What time is it?

    An interview information exchange activity done in pairs. They will fill in the blank after asking questions about the time.

  • Color by number

    Assign a color to a number and let them color!

  • Fruit battleship game

    Battleship game using the phrase "Do you like (flavour) + (fruit)?"

  • WHACK-O-MOLE (Supplement Worksheet)

    The lesson is by unoplusunoistu Here is a supplemental worksheet that is blank. I made a PDF and PPTX version of it. Feel free to alter it.

  • Let's Try 2! Unit 1, Pg 2 - 5

    A worksheet based off the materials provided in the Let's Try 2! textbook. This worksheet focuses on Unit 1.

  • Haiku Activity

    For this worksheet, students will read a haiku in Japanese and English and share their thoughts about them. Then, they will create their own in Japanese and translate it to English.

  • BINGO: DIY, for months and dates.

    Students write in the numbers (or spellings if you want to) on the sheet and then play bingo.

  • "Be" Verb vs. Action Verb Bingo

    Students can practice be verbs and action verbs with a simple bingo game. Target group: JHS 1st grade.

  • Animal word search

    A word search with animal vocabulary

  • Last One Standing: What time do you?

    A game best played in a class of a lot of students in which members first predict what time they think the "candidate" does several activities, then all class mates stand, ask the relevant question.

  • Battleship ABCDE&FGHIJ

    A pair game in which players secretly select 10 "ships" (single squares actually) and try to guess/sink the other players "ships".

  • L & R Phonics Worksheet

    Easy worksheet to practice L and R sounds and some writing

  • Spy x Family: Code breaker worksheet

    Here is a quick Spy Family themed code breaker worksheet I made to review adjectives(added other words to stay on theme). You can use this to supplement a lesson on adjectives or as a filler.

  • Word Search Generator

    Make your own word search in minutes!

  • Phonics Quiz

    NH1 Unit 0 - Phonics Quiz

  • Anime Guess Who!

    There are 7 anime characters for the students to choose from. Students form pairs and pick one character. They take turns asking 'do you' questions until they get it correct.

  • Writing Templates / Worksheets (adaptable)

    Writing templates / worksheets that can be used for any presentation, script, writing activity from 5th grade ES upwards.

  • New Horizon 3 Materials ✏️

    A collection of all the worksheets and activities I've made for New Horizon 3 (2021 Edition).

  • Mr Potato Head

    Activity/Lesson on face parts for ES1/ES2

  • Word Search: daily routines and frequency

    A puzzle to help students become familiar with words like always, usually, have breakfast, do my homework and so on. Also spaces for students to translate or trace.

  • Mashle & Satoshi Introduction

    Desk work: This is an A4 sized worksheet that you cut in half to save paper. The characters are Mashle and Satoshi from Pokemon (along with Pikachu). This was a hit with my 3rd graders.

  • New Horizon 1 Materials ✏️

    A collection of all the worksheets and activities I've made for New Horizon 1 (2021 Edition).

  • A great review for your kids? SURE!

    Have fun reviewing some grammars points with your students. This activity is for 2nd and 3rd grade.

  • G1 pg 14 Are you/ Do you battleship

    Battleship game with emotions and animals to practice Are you/ Do you like.

  • Personality Test Worksheet

    Worksheet for personality test (adjective review) made by CarpenterBee

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