Vocabulary Practice - School Subjects

This is originally designed for my special needs class.


  1. Start by asking the students if they know how to say "school subject" in Japanese. You can prompt them by saying the subjects in English and Japanese.

  2. Then, distribute the worksheet with the different subjects and practice saying them.

  3. After the practice, play a simple pointing game so that the subjects will become more familiar to the students. If the students start getting bored, you can switch up and say other vocabulary words that they already know. For example, you can say, apple, monkey, math!

  4. For the next activity, you can divide the class into small groups and have them play snakes and ladders. This will help them remember the names of the subjects in English.

  5. Lastly, distribute the Dream Schedule worksheet. Have the students write their own schedules first. Then, instruct them to talk to two other people inside the classroom - one should be a teacher and the other one a classmate.

  6. To conclude, you can ask one student to show their worksheet to the rest of class.

Submitted by lemonade June 7, 2024 Estimated time: 45-50 minutes

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