Pre-kindergarten or Kindergarten

Aimed at students who have not started Elementary School yet.

  • Vegetables! Series of Vegetable Games

    This powerpoint can be used for the whole 45 minutes for 1st and 2nd graders! You can modify it for higher grades

  • September 2024 calendar

    English board calendar

  • Summer Color-by-Shape Coloring Page

    A summer-themed coloring page to practice shapes through coloring (or just a fun last class activity!)

  • Count/Draw the Objects Worksheet (Numbers 11-20)

    ES 3年 Let's Try or other grade levels; Students practice counting in English and writing the numeral, then students listen to the English number and draw the same number of objects.

  • Numbers dance

    Lets Try 1, Unit 3 - How Many

  • Kirby Feelings Star Get

    Students practice expressing feelings while acquiring stars in this simple PowerPoint game

  • ABC Writing Practice (Kindergarten)

    These are B5 worksheets for kindergarten or young elementary students to practice writing the alphabet.

  • Pikmin coloring page

    Coloring activity for practicing the colors of the rainbow

  • Let's Try 2: Unit 2 (Weather Board game)

    This is a weather board game I created using Canva. Attached to this are large picture cards and the game board. This was inspired by thaist.

  • Hello Nice to Meet You

    A simple powerpoint to go over greetings for the first time.

  • Rock, scissors, paper : 1,2,3 game(s)

    Pairs or teams take turns to go from the start to the goal. Winners go forward one circle per win. Try to say the contents of the circle in English.

  • Easter Presentation

    Goes over the story of Easter: why its called "Easter," why eggs, why rabbits, and why Christ? Appropriate for all grade levels.

  • Alphabet Quiz Challenge

    17 question quiz centering around the alphabet. Spot the mistake, count the given letter, etc.

  • Minigame Collection

    Just some minigames I have been creating to add into review games.

  • Color-by-shape coloring pages

    Two coloring pages with images made up of several shapes. Can be used as a listening activity for practicing shapes and colors.

  • The "Hello how are you" 3rd graders' song

    It's the very entertaining "hello song" for 3rd Graders.

  • Pin the nose on Olaf!

    Gen Alpha rendition of 'Pin the tail on the donkey'.

  • Stationery Kahoot

    A kahoot to practice stationery.

  • Numbers

    Counting from 1 to 20.

  • Shapes and Colors Kahoot

    A kahoot quiz to review the shapes and colors. Great practice for Unit 7 of the Let’s Try 1 textbook.

  • Christmas Coloring Worksheets for ES 1st-3rd grade

    4 designs: Christmas Coloring WS with either: - space to write 3 friends' names in the presents - word tracing of Christmas vocabulary - find and count, write the # of santas, stockings, etc.

  • Christmas in America

    A Christmas Powerpoint with a couple of gimmicks I made for my students (Elementary School)

  • December coloring sheet/image search

    Image search drawing for Christmas/December

  • Shapes

    Bring me! (Shapes and Colors)

  • Jack-O-Lantern Basket

    Print Out to make a Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin basket out if paper.

  • Halloween Alphabet Pyramid

    2 Versions: Capital Letters and Small Letters Versions

  • Animal Sounds

    Warm-up activity

  • Alphabet Bingo 5x5 (25 Cards)

    25 different cards for use with alphabet bingo.

  • Snake Game - Hello/Hi

    Game for ES 1年生 and 2年生 to practice introducing themselves.

  • Shopping for Fruit with Doraemon

    Simple shopping game to practice fruit names, please, and small numbers.

  • Body parts flash cards

    Flash cards for elementary school

  • Anpanman's Rainbow Challenge

    Help Anpanman defeat Baikinman by saying the colors of the rainbow (and more) !

  • Sample Flashcards for Preschoolers

    Flashcards on weather, seasons, greetings, emotions, furniture, food and easter

  • Lesson Plans for Preschool and Special Needs

    27 lesson plans for preschool classes. Many of these lesson plans are adapted from classes found on eslkidstuff.com

  • Find Mr. Alien!👽

    (Let's Try 1, Unit 4) Mr. Alien likes to travel all over the universe, but which planet has he gone to? Students practice their colors in this short PPT game!

  • "Stack the Cats" Book

    The book Stack the Cats by Susie Ghahremani

  • Colors (Kindergarten)

    Lesson about Colors

  • Weather Janken Battle

    A simple weather board game

  • Character Pic Cards "My name is" ES&NS

    Roaming game to practice "What's your name?" and "My name is ..." where the kids swap cards with eachother so they get a new character.

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

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