Christmas in America

A Christmas Powerpoint with a couple of gimmicks I made for my students (Elementary School)

I made this powerpoint for a Christmas lesson at my Elementary schools & Kindergartens.

I originally had personal pictures of my family Christmas events, but I've switched them to stock photos for privacy reasons.
I definitely recommending changing the pictures to your own Christmas pictures!! Students have a blast seeing your child self look excited over presents, haha.

Although I took out pictures of myself and my family, I did keep in videos of a Christmas lights event that my hometown does every year (from local news/YouTubers). It's pretty cool and shows off how Americans like their Christmas lights. You can keep it in if you want or maybe replace it with a Christmas event from your hometown!

There are ~2-3 questions that you can get students to answer/think of.

  1. When is Christmas?
  2. What do we eat during Christmas?
  3. In America, when we think of Christmas we think of ...

I added some songs onto the powerpoint as well. (Frosty, Jingle Bells, & Rudolph)

Look at notes on each slide for further directions on the gimmicks of the slides. (Click x to get to y, Click Santa to go back to the main slides etc.)

I hope this helps anyone who is being asked to prepare something for Christmas!

Here's a google drive link since it's a big file:

Have fun and happy holidays!

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    Submitted by Judekichi December 6, 2023 Estimated time: ~30-40 minutes
    1. jxjan December 7, 2023

      Thank you for this. And an even bigger thank you for posting a download link! Very much appreciated.

    2. Metapod December 21, 2023

      I just wanted to say how great this activity is. Rarely can I make a ppt go on for 20+ minutes without my students getting bored, but there was more than enough topics to constantly change and keep them interested. Ill have to take some notes for my future ppts! Thanks so much!

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