How many

How many apples do you have?

  • ✂️ How Many Fortune Teller 1-20

    Short craft activity for getting students to count to 20

  • Many Ways to Answer "How Many"

    This review of "How many...?" is made to review the concept after it has already been taught, and to show students how to give descriptive answers, too. (I have MANY books. I have A FEW pens.)

  • How many fruits?

    For 3rd Graders activity.

  • "How many...?" Interview

    This is a very simple interview activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.34 "How many _____ do you have?" Students practice asking and answering questions.

  • How many Goombas? (Mario Party-esque Numbers)

    How Many Goomba? Counting Minigame for numbers 1-20, ES 3rd Grade Let's Try Unit 3

  • Stationery Go Fish

    Go Fish cards with stationery objects on them

  • Numbers dance

    Lets Try 1, Unit 3 - How Many

  • JHS (一年生) - How Many Animals / Counting Game

    A PowerPoint game and worksheet to practice How Many, counting, plural grammar, and some other features.

  • Scene It

    Elementary 3rd grade year-end review game! Students work in teams to answer easy questions from short movie clips. Q:"What is this?" [Photo] A:"It's a book"

  • 3年生 Year Review Treasure Hunt Game

    Students make teams and search for items using the vocab they've learned this year. A bomb is -3pts, coins are +2pts, treasure is +5pts and a thief is steal 3pts

  • Mario Party 3rd/4th Grade

    remake of the original for 3rd/4th grade

  • Mini Reviews

    Short powerpoint review challenges to use as warm ups!

  • Apex Lootboxes - How Many? 📦

    An Apex Legends themed counting game with various challenges where students must count the keyword or object on the screen. Can be used as a warmup game.

  • Numbers

    Counting from 1 to 20.

  • Make a Pizza!

    This is my first attempt at making an actual game. So please give me feedback!

  • How many ...? Ramen toppings

    Inspired by making your pizza or parfait from "Let's Try 2," but made for special needs JHS 2.

  • Picture Dictionary Food&Money cards for Cafe Shop

    Cards to use for students to run a cafe. Junior Horizon 5th grade.

  • Shopping for Fruit with Doraemon

    Simple shopping game to practice fruit names, please, and small numbers.

  • I see/ I spy game (How many~)

    A class based activity that is a question and answer format for the teachers and students. (Blue Sky 1 - Target 11)

  • Falling School Supplies (Let's Try 2 Unit 5)

    Have fun counting various school supplies falling from the ceiling, concluding with an epic pencil case kaiju battle!

  • One Piece Wanted Game

    This is a fun finding game providing good speaking practice using who, what, when, where and how questions. The activity involves a PowerPoint and printable cards and is very easy to adapt.

  • Pokemon Trainer! (How many ~ do you have?)

    The students are pokemon trainers. They have to talk to their classmates using "How many ~ do you have?" to battle, get more Pokemon and evolve them! Flexible for other conversation activities too.

  • How many...? Drawing game

    A drawing game to help students practice "How many?"

  • How many bees?

    Inspired by the game swarm.

  • Let’s Try 1 How many

    This lesson consists of a warm up activity using number cards and seven steps song in the text book, a game using keynote app and a worksheet

  • Falling Objects (Let's Try 1 Unit 3)

    Have fun counting various objects falling from the ceiling!

  • Lets Try 1 Spy x Family Disguise Review

    This game is an all units review. I got the idea for the disguises from Mr Bory C.

  • Mario Mystery Box

    geared for 4th grade

  • Next Please!

    This an activity similar to GO Fish but instead with English questions. Activity objective is to learn questions indicators ( 5 W’s, How, Are, Can, Do ).

  • Lets Try 1 All Units Pokemon Review

    Simple questions that should be fun. Template from Tay's Teaching Toolkit

  • Do You Know Japan?

    A warmup activity for passive voice where students are given 3 hints and have to guess the prefecture

  • How Many JAM

    Jamboard activity for How Many, Shapes, etc.

  • Shapes (Draw and count)

    Look at the youtube video and draw and count the shapes.

  • Body Parts- I have~

    Body Parts Karuta for 3rd grade elementary School Students

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • Telepathy Game (How many animals?)

    This is a simple Power Point activity intended for Grades 1-2. After mastering numbers (1-10), this could be a fun counting practice for the students.

  • Market thieves: revamping the missing game

    A missing game where animals steal your fruits, vegetables and other food, from your market stand. Ask your students what's missing so they can get them back! Can be used for price/number practice too

  • NHE6 U5: Animals and Plurals

    This is a poster you can use to show students the singular and plural of animals in the Picture Dictionary.

  • How Many? - Halloween Monsters

    Count how many Halloween-themed monsters and creatures move across the screen.

  • Super Card Collection!!

    This was based on an activity from the old site that was called, "Thick as Thieves". I made it into an actual card game. The aim is to try to collect 4 cards of each type in a particular category.

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