How many...? Drawing game

A drawing game to help students practice "How many?"

Materials required:

A PC, a TV, and a piece of copy paper for each student.


Demonstrate with the homeroom teacher twice. Do the first two questions on the blackboard. Let the students watch the first question get drawn on the black board, then have them put their heads down for the second one. These are the warm-up/practice questions.

There's 8 more questions. The students should work in pairs. One person will draw and one person will have their head down. Set a timer for 30 to 60 seconds. Click or press the space bar to make the picture appear. After the timer stops, hit backspace on your keyboard to make the image disappear and let the students show their drawings and practice "How many?" Then show the answer. Students will change roles. Everyone should have a chance to draw and guess 4 times.

This kind of activity works really well in small classes, but it can be used in larger classes too.

BONUS TIP: include a short lyric-less song in your point to act as a fun timer. I used a 55 second clip of music from a classic side scrolling video game as my musical timer. I had to remove that audio file for copyright reasons (just to be safe). Just add a short audio file in your slides and that should do the trick.

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