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Crumpled Up Fun This works very well for reviewing WH-questions. The students have a chance to talk to everyone in the classroom by asking and answering questions. 0
Time Maze This activity combines the directions lesson with the time lesson, using a maze. Students have to try and acquire as many clocks as they can in a limited period of time. 0
Safe Zone Players try to escape to the safe areas before they are tagged. 0
Norm's Shopping This activity is dialog practice, repeating the patterns in the textbook but allowing students to modify the given sentences. 0
Pronunciation Tree Put your students to the test with a minimal-pair pronunciation activity. 0
Salesmen Students sell random products to one buyer. If their product gets bought, they get a point and become the next buyer. 0
I'll Ask Peach Students construct four "I'll ask ~ to ~." sentences. Includes interview and writing. 0
Movie Star Students pretend they are movie directors and choose their classmates for different roles. Then they interview each other to find out what they want to do in the movie. 0
Boring 4 Taro This is an interview activity where the students ask each other questions in this style and write them down to create somewhat odd and random sentences. 0
Call Me Up Students aim to communicate with each other without actually seeing each other, as they would on a telephone. 0
Touch Command Students play Janken and touch the body part listed on the card. 0
Janken Points Students read an English sentence and either win or lose the corresponding points over a game of janken. 0
Daytona Students race to see how fast they can introduce themselves to each other. 0
How Long Bingo Students play Bingo but instead of a teacher reading out numbers, the students ask each other, "How long have you...?" The answer is the number they must circle. 0
Dictation Race Students race to dictate a passage to their partners. 0
Passive Picture Guess Students race to explain the pictures using the grammar point. 0
Can You Job Hunt? A speaking based, find your partner activity practicing "Can you ~?" 0
Typhoon Students answer various English questions in hopes to choose a square from a grid and receive points while trying to avoid the evil typhoon squares. 0
Shredded Fables Students work in groups to try to piece together short classic fables. 0
Who Is Your Classmate Students fill out a worksheet about themselves, and then do an activity where they try to guess who their friends are based upon the hints they wrote on their worksheets. 0