When/If Psychology test!

A short test that students fill out, then find out what it means!

When/If Psychology test!

I got this from a teacher I work with and it always worked well for me so I want to share it. This can be a lot of fun and, for me at least, always went down really well. I added a seperate file because one of my classes hadn`t studied "if" yet, so I rewrote it with just "when" sentences.

I stress (before and after the test) that this is just for fun and not a real psychology exam. Also, stress that they shouldn‘t think too much, just write the first answer that comes to mind. I try to do the whole thing in English, but sometimes some students will need a little help. You can tell them it‘s OK to answer in Japanese if you like, but the answers are so simple I don`t usally find it necessary. I do drawings on the board, lots of gestures or write (as non-leading as possible) answers on the board as we go to help them.

-Print out a sheet for each student.
-Go through the questions one by one and get each student to write their answer. (I usually find that with some hints and extra gestures the kids can figure out the meanings, so forwarn any overzealous teachers that automatically translate every word you say!)
-When each question has been answered go through each question and explain what it means!
-Watch as they reel in shock!

I wrote some hints in Japanese for the meanings. Some are quite tricky for the students to understand (and might require your JTE to explain) but some will be understood very easily.

Have a great weekend people! Have some fun!

Submitted by jiggswalsh June 10, 2022 Estimated time: 20 mins
  1. stadiumkaylam June 10, 2022

    This is super unique! I can imagine my students getting a kick out of this with their answers.

  2. jiggswalsh June 10, 2022

    Yeah, every class I have had students write interesting things like mental age: 247, or person you don‘t want to meet: it‘s me/their best friend, etc

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