Gesture Game: What am I/are you/are they doing

Simple and ready-to-use activity mainly for special needs class to introduce simple present progressive. You may use it with 1st graders too.

Things Needed: cut sentences (see attached file), box for the sentences, whiteboard, marker, eraser

Start with teaching them three sign language about pronouns: I, you, we. As the gesture game progresses, it might be awkward to have some sentences make sense especially when the pronoun is you and we when in fact, it is the gesture volunteer who is doing the action. The purpose of this is to practice other pronouns. You may change them as you like.

Start introducing the verbs with pictures to be used in the powerpoint. Let them have at least 2 minutes to remember these verbs.

Then, show them the verbs with katakana reading instead of the verbs with pictures. This will be their guide on the writing activity.

Divide the class into desirable number of members (3-4)
Give each group a whiteboard, marker, and eraser. Write on the board the pattern of the sentence while keeping the verbs with katakana flashed on the screen.
I am ~ing.
You are ~ing.
We are ~ing.
Do a demonstration. Pick a sentence in the box and make a gesture out of it. Start with gesturing the pronoun (I, you,or we)then the following words.
Call a volunteer each round from different groups. After the gesture, give each group time to brainstorm and write their sentence guess on the whiteboard.
To check the sentence, flash the slide containing the correct answer (from slide 4-16)
Give points in each correct sentence. You may give more points if the sentence is a bit challenging (e.g. those with direct objects: We are eating rice balls)

Small files
  • Gesstures Game Sentences.pdf (212 KB)
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  • Special Needs Class Gesture Game Simple Present Progressive.pptx (1.3 MB)
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    Submitted by hidariessie February 16, 2023 Estimated time: 30-40minutes

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