Present Continuous

She is playing volleyball.

Japanese name: 現在進行形 (genzai shinkou-kei)

She is painting a picture.
Are you reading the newspaper now?

Present Continuous form, also known as Present Progressive, describes actions that are happening at the current moment. If a thing is currently occurring, it can be described with Present Progressive.

It’s constructed by adding –ing to the end of a verb. This construction is also used for gerunds, past progressive, and other grammar points, so make sure to correctly identify which of these forms you want to practice in an activity!

  • Preposition "Party!" Sunshine 2 Textbook Practice

    This worksheet directly matches with JHS Sunshine 2 pg 88 Prepositions

  • New Horizon 2 - Let's Talk 4

    Simple work sheets for LT4.

  • Kitty collecting game - Present progressive (?)

    A warm up activity to practice present progressive/continuous interrogative sentences and responses.

  • I Spy!

    A group activity based around the I Spy books, or other similar material.

  • Guess the ASMR.

    An activity to test students listening skills with ASMR.

  • Various English Uno Decks

    English Uno decks with different themes.

  • Hunt for the ~ing (7年) Halloween themed

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

    based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

  • Thanksgiving Don't Pop the Balloon (google slides)

    An American Thanksgiving themed, team-based review game

  • Kahoot! game (One World 1)

    An online interactive game intended for 1st graders to review One World 1 ~ Lessons 4 and 5.

  • Star Wars Game Present Continuous

    Powerpoint game to practice the present continuous for JHS Y1. From the template provided by rmsmith, and originally by DavoTheWise.

  • The Mystery Box Game

    The mystery box game is a super fun power point game. customize all questions and pictures and animations freely. Have fun.

  • The boy sleeping on his desk is (UPDATE)

    Students try to identify a class full of slackers by listening or reading descriptions

  • Anime Guessing Game - "What are they doing?"

    A fun game great for practicing present continuous/progressive with 1st year Junior High School students using images of different anime characters.

  • New Horizon 1 Unit 2-1

    This is an activity practice for Key Sentences: He is… She is… This is…

  • JHS 1st Years Review Kahoot

    10 question Kahoot that reviews many topics from Sunshine 1's textbook

  • Gesture Game: What am I/are you/are they doing

    Simple and ready-to-use activity mainly for special needs class to introduce simple present progressive. You may use it with 1st graders too.

  • I am watching TV now!

    Short and sweet slideshow introducing the Present Continuous.

  • What Is He Doing? Relay Game

    An information gap/relay activity for present continuous

  • present progressive activity ~ING (animals)

    fun activity to play using ING (present progressive tense) 現在進行形

  • Present progressive practice, 'what is X doing?'

    Present progressive review/ practice

  • Shopping at Zara

    This activity allows students to talk about shopping and practice a conversation between a Store Clerk and Customer.

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • Minefield Treasure Hunt!

    Students look at the pictures and make sentences to dig up buried treasure - or a bomb!

  • Animals are doing things.

    Your students will practice making present progressive (present continuous) sentences from silly pictures of animals.

  • Gerund and Continuous Explainer with the Simpsons

    Short slideshow to introduce the continuous and gerund forms of verbs using Simpsons GIFs.

  • Learn Verbs with Disney Characters


  • Sentence Arranging Game for JHS

    Sentence arranging game based on the last few chapters of New Crown 1. Not New Crown specific though.

  • Present Continuous vs. Future Tense

    Students realize the differences between the two grammar points

  • 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝑪𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒐𝒂𝒅

    New Horizon 1 (2021), Unit 8-11 Review Game

  • Sydney Royal Easter Show: Pumpkin Thief

    Short logic puzzle using the present continuous form.

  • Cooking Hello Kitty Cards

    Inspired by the "Cooking Hello Kitty" game posted by Victoria Young. Cards that can be used for the game as well as some changes have been made.

  • Christmas in the Park

    A flexible busy scene poster. Play karuta, use with a worksheet, etc.

  • Guess Who Level Up

    This is directly inspired/from user rebvandev's "Guess Who" activity. My JTE wanted it to be more difficult, so I added some more options.

  • Anpanman Wipe Out

    A flexible group Race and Speak Game

  • CHRISTMAS Race and Speak Point Game

    Students work as groups. Get points by racing to speak the answers.

  • ONE PIECE Race and Speak Game

    Students work as groups. Get points by racing to speak the answers.

  • DARUMA Race and Speak Points Game

    Students work as groups. Get points by racing to speak the answers.

  • Verb-ing Art

    Zip file of about 55 illustrations portraying -ing.

  • Conjugation Charades

    Play charades while Conjugating

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