Food Description Poster

A poster showing how to describe food with pictures.

I made a poster using some common Japanese food descriptions like neba-neba or mochi-mochi and their English equivalent with some photos. Made it to hang up near my little English area and to whoever else wanted to hang it up near the classroom lunch menu!

*target audience is Elementary school :)

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  • Food descriptions 食感英単語.pdf (2.03 MB)
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    Submitted by shinjirarenai April 19, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. Bonjure289 April 19, 2023

      Very cute!

    2. akopoito April 19, 2023

      I love this.

    3. CrayonNickChan April 20, 2023

      Fantastic! I've never heard natto described as gooey though. Everyone always says sticky or smelly lol

    4. Jed101 April 20, 2023


    5. denzurabiko April 24, 2023

      great poster! ill be using it at my HS. Just to point out though. 食感 is しょっかん not しょくかん

    6. joyceisachoice May 15, 2023

      It's beautiful!!!!

    7. OdafromTaijima August 22, 2023

      This is really nicely designed! I appreciate the katakana to help ES students with pronunciation. I will add this to my food board.
      One thing that would be nice would be to include a backgroundless version in order to make it more printer-friendly.

    8. ratclass October 18, 2023

      wonderful design! I’m looking forward to showing my students!

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