Birthday Practice with Famous People & Characters

Students get a sheet of paper with a famous person or character and their birthday. Students walk around the class asking other students "What's your name?" and "When is your birthday?"

A couple of problems typically arise when teaching elementary students birthday, months, and dates. Many students only memorize their own birthday and since they already know many of their peers' birthdays, they can get by without actually learning how to say the other months and dates of the year. So a fun way to give the students practice is to give them little sheets of paper with a famous person and that famous person's birthday. Students do not show their slip of paper to other students. Student walk around the classroom asking their peers "What's your name?" and "When is your birthday?" Feel free to add other people or characters that you feel would be relevent and fun for the kids. If you feel comfortable asking the teachers their birthday, you could add teachers in the school to the pool of famous people.

I some will add a worksheet for the students to fill out and provide a document with the names and birthdays of famous people and characters.

Submitted by nickteacher May 23, 2023 Estimated time: 10 minutes

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