Ordinal numbers

Today is the first day of June. Tomorrow is the second.

  • (faux) holiday quiz

    This quiz is based on fun holidays that Japanese people made up based on the dates' sounds in Japanese.

  • Months SUGOROKU

    You can use this activity to practice and review months and dates.

  • BINGO: DIY, for months and dates.

    Students write in the numbers (or spellings if you want to) on the sheet and then play bingo.

  • Rock, scissors, paper : 1,2,3 game(s)

    Pairs or teams take turns to go from the start to the goal. Winners go forward one circle per win. Try to say the contents of the circle in English.

  • One,Two or Three (1st to 31st) game

    Main target: Elementary school grade 5 classes, or any classes that are learning birthdays, dates.

  • Birthday: Months and Dates

    A series of activities to practice learning the months and dates.

  • Slap Japan! (Slap Jack)

    A card game to practice saying days of the month (ordinal numbers). It works like Slap Jack.

  • Word Searches for Junior Sunshine 5 & 6

    Word searches & writing practice based on the Junior Sunshine 5 & 6 textbooks.

  • Super Mario Sugoroku (semester review)

    Themed Super Mario sugoroku game for reviewing units. Player that finishes with the most coins wins.

  • Around the Town Cards

    This is a fairly versatile and beautiful deck of cards that is easily adaptable to a fair number of traditional card games for English lessons. From games like SNAP! and Speed (Spit) to GoFish!

  • Omoshiroi Kinenbi 面白い記念日 Kahoot Quiz

    A Kahoot quiz for 5th graders about interesting/funny dates to practice the question "When is~?" and the answer "______is _______."

  • ordinal numbers

    To practice 1st to 31st

  • Bingo for dates

    Students trace the dates and select 9 of them to play a game of bingo.

  • Animal Crossing Birthday Bingo!

    Practice asking about and saying birthdays! Who can fill up their bingo card the quickest? Now in an Animal Crossing/Forest theme.

  • Dates (Months & Ordinal Numbers)

    5年 New Horizon - Unit 2 When is your birthday?

  • Birthday Practice with Famous People & Characters

    Students get a sheet of paper with a famous person or character and their birthday. Students walk around the class asking other students "What's your name?" and "When is your birthday?"

  • Birthday Minecraft English Review

    Simple powerpoint team game to practice months + ordinal numbers. All credit to TakoyakiTacos, I just entered random dates so that you don't have to.

  • Months and Days Sugoroku

    Sugoroku game for practicing saying the months and days. Each space corresponds to an actual holiday.

  • Unscramble My Cake

    A quick PPT game you can use to practice ordinal numbers, months of the year and learn your favorite character's birthday.

  • Birthday Bingo

    For 5th or 6th graders (or older students too) learning or reviewing : When is your birthday?

  • Month Ordinals Number 1st-31st

    Month Ordinal Numbers 1-31

  • Month, Day, & Weather Flashcards

    Thin flashcards to display on the board when doing greetings.

  • Find Someone Whose Birthday (New Horizon 5 Unit 2)

    Students search for classmates whose birthdays fulfill certain requirements.

  • Pokemon Review Game for New Horizon 5 & 6

    A review game for New Horizon 5 & 6 covering vocabulary and target sentences from Unit 1 to 3.

  • 1st 2nd 3rd sugoroku

    learn ordinals and your birthday

  • NH⑤ Unit 2 materials (When is your birthday?)

    Printouts to practice dates, holidays, ordinal numbers. Designed for use with New Horizons 5 Unit 2.

  • 1-20 Snakes and Ladders

    Elementary grades snake and ladder game from numbers 1 to 20. Game board is designed to fit B4 size paper - can be resized in the print menu to fit other formats.

  • Race Track

    Practice ordinal numbers and colours as these crazy cars race to the finish!

  • Months Practice for One World Smile One

    A Canada Quiz and a few other activities for practicing months

  • My Dream School Week

    Students practice school subject names by constructing their dream schedule.

  • Matsuko Deluxe Birthday

    Students compete in rows to score points for being the first team to relay celebrity birthdays back to the ALT.

  • Calendar King

    Students use a calendar to work out the dates of Japanese holidays.

  • Birthday Race

    Students listen for birthdays and find who was born on that date.

  • Calendar Tic-Tac-Toe

    This game gets students to practice "It will be (sunny) on (July eighth).

  • Oh No! 100!

    A worksheet to go with a simple counting game

  • Birthday Bingo

    A mingler activity

  • Vocabulary Wars

    This is a vocabulary battle that can be used with any small set of vocabulary. It is great for younger classes, but can work with any grade.

  • Birthday Lineup

    Students line up along a wall. Using English they order themselves from the student with the earliest birthday to the student with the latest birthday.

  • BB Fun

    BB stands for Birthday Bingo. Students learn the basics for months and days in English.

  • Calendar Otaku

    Students are asked about the dates of various Japanese holidays and receive points for answering correctly.

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