Weather Janken

A simple weather janken worksheet~

Each student gets a worksheet and must challenge their fellow students to a round of janken ((rock, paper, scissors)) to advance and get to the bottom in order to figure out how the weather is~ I found an old Halloween worksheet at my school so I basically copied that idea, there was no credit on the sheet and I can't find it online.

Have the students greet each other with "How's the weather?" then challenge each other. Winners follow a solid line and losers follow a dotted line to the next place marker. Once everyone has made it to the bottom, ask students "How's the weather?" and have them answer with which place the ended up as!

Uploading it as an image so you can fit it to your desired paper size.

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    Submitted by GinaG November 23, 2023 Estimated time: 5 Minutes

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