New Year Bulletin Board Collection

NewYear Traditions Around the World, WordSearch, Spin the Wheel 2024 Fortune, Interactive: Write your: 2023 Happy Memories, 2023 Small Wins/Achievements, and 2024 Goals/Resolutions

Files include:
- Pictures of my actual English Board New Year edition, for peg.
- All printables (Posters, Banners, Border Designs and Titles, Instructions for Interactive parts)
*WordSearch files recently uploaded

Not included:
- Cut out small circles for balloon shapes for the 2023 Happy Memories interactive board.
- Cut out green half-circles for dragon scales for the 2024 Goals interactive board.
(I got all these from the box of recyclables/paper scraps in the supplies room, and used all rainbow colors for balloons and different shades of green for the dragon scales.)
(I also instructed JTEs on how to ideally put the balloons and dragon scales on the poster, since I am only at that school 1x/week - balloons: students can draw a string under it; dragon scales: should start from the bottom of the poster, then overlap on top with the next ones)

1. I added blank posters for Traditions Around the World, so students can add a Japanese tradition (1 poster per grade level, they can work together).
2. I printed small copies of the WordSearch, so all students can answer it. JTEs agreed to receive finished WordSearch answer sheets and reward students with a sticker (I gave them Filipino Parol or Christmas Lantern design stickers).
3. I cut and laminated the SpinTheWheel wheel, then attached it to the instructions poster with a thumbtack, so that it spins and students can read their 2024 "fortune": ex. love, friendship, success, health, etc.
4. I made sure to coordinate with my JTEs so they understand all the instructions for the interactive boards, and help out students in writing/answering it.
5. You can leave it up to JTEs' discretion on whether students can answer in Nihongo/broken or simple English/or full sentence with correct grammar. But the idea is to get them to contribute to the board and have fun with it.

Submitted by connichiwow January 10, 2024 Estimated time:
  1. anna5312 January 11, 2024

    This is sooooooooooo goodddd!!!

  2. jtdcalt January 15, 2024

    Great collection! One note: in the HNY banner, the "Y" in "HAPPY" appears to be missing (just a blank, purple segment in its place). Not a big deal since I just printed off an extra "Y" from "YEAR."

    Also, for the traditions around the world, my JTE was really hesitant about the Brazil tradition, so I ended up leaving that one off. I personally think it's fine for JHS level, but ESID so anyone else using these, perhaps check in with your JTEs to make sure it's fine for your school!

  3. nisaa1234 January 15, 2024

    Hello! I love this English board, I was making something similar for this month's English board.
    I just wanted to ask how did students manage to place the cutouts (balloons etc) on the board? Did you place the glue on the board to be used? Anyways, thank you for sharing!

  4. connichiwow January 15, 2024

    Hi nisaa1234, yes, you can put a glue/glue stick nearby (in my case, the background paper was kinda glossy so glue won't do, we used double-sided tape or ryo-men teppu instead).

  5. connichiwow January 18, 2024

    Hi jtdcalt ! thanks for the comment, I edited the file for the HNY banner already. :) And yes, agree, definitely check with your JTEs first for the content and type of activities if appropriate. Thanks!

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