Snakes & Ladders Card Sets

Pre-made card sets to go with the Snakes and Ladders games. 1年 & 2年 grammar points.


1) The snakes and ladders game board:
2) Printable card set (for 4 different grammar points + special needs set)
3) Grammar Explanation powerpoint (I didn't make one for all the sets)

Other: dice, game pieces (students can use erasers)

If you print 6-8 of the boards, you can put students in groups and make it a full-class activity.
You should print the card set document for each group.
I glued the card document to construction paper and cut out several decks. That way it's a little sturdier.

Card Sets (units based on New Horizons):

1年 Unit 8: want to/try to/need to
1年 Unit 9: what is/are ~ doing?
1年 Unit 11: Were you...?/Was it...? <- For this one, students should draw 1 yellow card and 1 pink card (I pasted them onto yellow and pink cronstruction paper).
2年 Unit 7: passive voice (change the sentence from active voice to passive voice)
Special Needs: Picture of a color, animal, food, etc. "What is this?"


The gameplay instructions are on the Snakes and Ladders gameboard page link.

Submitted by Celestar129 February 27, 2024 Estimated time:

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