Crown Jr. 5 (2024) Section Cards

Printable cards sized at A4 (sideways) for the different activity sections in the Crown Jr 5 textbook. Best used if laminated and magnets are attached to the back.

My schools are using Crown Jr 5 for 5th grade, but still using New Horizon Elementary for 6th grade, so the JTE asked me to make these cards to laminate and put magnets on them for the lessons. I took screenshots from the trial version of the digital textbook and tried to crop them as best as I could with Paint. These were sized at A4 and printed length-wise, laminated, and then magnet strips were attached to the back side to place them on the blackboard. I figure someone else could also make use of these, whether they want to take the initiative or they've been asked by their JTE. Let's have fun this school year!

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  • Crown Jr. 5 Section Cards.docx (3.54 MB)
  • Crown Jr. 5 Section Cards.pdf (4.92 MB)
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