New Crown

Specific to the New Crown textbook.

  • I recommend ~ ! (Plan a vacation) - NC 3 Talk 1

    This is a lesson addressing Junior High New Crown 3 Talk 1, which is about recommending places to travel to. It includes a review of the textbook as well as a customizable pair speaking activity.

  • "It’s ○○ for △△ to ~ ." - New Crown 2 GET Plus 2:

    This is a lesson addressing JHS New Crown 2 pg. 34 GET Plus 2: "It’s ○○ for △△ to ~ ." ("It's difficult for me to run"). Includes a PowerPoint, worksheet and cards to facilitate a speaking activity.

  • What ________ do you like?

    Students ask their classmates on what kind of music, movies, or TV programs they like.

  • May I ___? - Evolution Janken Game

    New Crown 2 Page 19 Word Bank

  • Can you ___? Yes or No Bingo Interview

    Crown JR 5 - L2

  • What's your dream?

    Grammar - to be, to + 動詞の現形 Find your partner with the same card by asking "what's your dream?"

  • New Horizon "Have you ____________?"

    New Crown "Have you ____________?" Have you ever ____? Bingo Game

  • "be Going to" Are you going to ? Bingo Game

    New Horizon / Be going to/ Bingo Game

  • I We Activity

    Crown Jr. 6 Lesson 1 Give a card the students, they need to find others who are the same

  • Agree and Disagree - New Crown 2: Talk 6

    This PowerPoint covers the textbook lesson for New Crown 2: Talk 6 and provides speaking activity printouts with which students practice agreeing and disagreeing with various opinions.

  • The Best Party Ever- New Crown 3: GET Plus 3

    This lesson covers the material for the textbook lesson in New Crown 3 for GET Plus 3 and adds an activity where students practice asking for and offering help while planning an imaginary party.

  • SDGs - New Crown 3: Get Plus 2

    This lesson is meant to cover New Crown 3 GET +2 "If I were you..." and also enriches the lesson by providing a challenging activity where students write about and discuss SDGs in English!

  • Can I help you? - New Crown 2: Talk 5

    This is an extension activity for New Crown Talk 5. The lesson reviews the textbook material and then students practice real life "problem scenarios" together using cards and partners!

  • Practice Comparing:Better and Best

    This was a one-off activity I did with my second-grade junior high school students to practice comparitive and superlative speech in a fun way! It follows think-pair-share format!

  • Location Puzzle

    Easy logic puzzle for warm up. Students read the 8 clues and figure out where to place each location. Took my 3rd Grade students about 10 minutes. My second grades took closer to 20 minutes.

  • "How can I get to....?" New Crown 1 Directions

    Simple worksheet and writing activity to practice giving directions.

  • New Crown 1 "You look _____" Bingo Game!

    Bingo / Interview game for New Crown 1 page 124-125 practicing emotions and how to say "You look ______".

  • So, what do you think?

    Get groups of students to work together to make sentences expressing opinions on popular topics - good for large class sizes

  • Sentence re-arranging

    Help students focus in on sentence structures and correct use of particles in this fun team game. Complete with power point extra game

  • Interview Bingo (What's your hobby?)

    This uses the New Crown 2 grammar and vocabulary from page 43's drill section. This can be edited to make the sentences more complicated and to include different hobbies from the ones listed.

  • Detective Pikachu: On the Case!

    A clue-based mystery game that helps students practice past continuous verbs.

  • New Crown 2 - Songs "I Just called to say..."

    Introducing Stevie Wonder and then a dictation challenge using his song from the text book.

  • New Crown 2 - The Little Prince

    English Video Clips and questions

  • Tea from around the world

    Powerpoint lesson with video about different teas.

  • JHS Kahoot - New Year Trivia 2023

    New Year Trivia questions with information slides.

  • Past Tense Board Game

    Board Game for Past Tense

  • TRIVIA (Research activity)

    Superlatives Quiz!

  • [VIDEO] A Pot of Poison

    Narrated animatic for the Pot of Poison story.

  • Order and making a pizza

    What ~ would you like on your pizza?

  • Question BINGO! What time do you ~?

    Crown JR 5 - L4P2 -What time do you BINGO

  • UK "My Family, My Hometown"

    Updated version of UK presentation

  • Peter Rabbit Art

    Zip file of 10 Peter Rabbit illustrations.

  • New Crown 1 Project 1 Warm Up Game

    Row game practicing can and can't

  • Passive Voice Review Quiz

    Passive voice quiz from New Crown 3 Lesson 2

  • Review Quiz for 2 and 3 year JHS

    Quiz questions that can be added to any game

  • New Crown 3 Project 1 Ice Cream

    Quiz with fun ice cream facts and a Canadian example

  • Present perfect SUPER drill

    Getting students to use the targeted grammar

  • My Dream Speech - Project 1 New Crown 2

    Speech about what students want to be when they grow up.

  • I like - BINGO

    Bingo game for I like...

  • I want to be a ~ Janken Game

    Practice job vocabulary and play Janken

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