New Crown

Specific to the New Crown textbook.

  • Crown Jr 6: Months and Holiday activities

    A board game and a card matching game to learn and review Months and Holidays in Japan. I have also included the large display cards for the months and holidays.

  • Crown Jr 6th Grade Lesson 1 Review

    This is a game to review lesson 1 called "We Land"

  • "Be" Verb vs. Action Verb Bingo

    Students can practice be verbs and action verbs with a simple bingo game. Target group: JHS 1st grade.

  • Google Slides for 'May I give you this bomb?'

    Google Slides for practicing 'May I~?'

  • "When I'm ____, I ______" (NC2 Pg 8) Group Game!

    A group game to practice the "When Conjunction".

  • Crown Jr. 5 (2024) Section Cards

    Printable cards sized at A4 (sideways) for the different activity sections in the Crown Jr 5 textbook. Best used if laminated and magnets are attached to the back.

  • New Crown 2 Whole textbook review quiz

    A frantic review of the whole of New Crown 2, where students have to search for extremely hard answers.

  • Ordering Bubble Tea

    a bubble tea menu that I made for 3nen students to practice placing an order and adding toppings.

  • Info Gap - Does ( ) have ______ to _____?

    Students ask each other questions in order to figure out the correct info about each character

  • JHS (一年生) - My Dream Robot

    A PowerPoint example and worksheet for the "Dream Robot" activity on page 66 of the New Crown 1 textbook.

  • Emergency Drills in America

    A simple presentation on the different emergency drills we have in America

  • Minefield Game: Indirect Questions

    An adaptable competitive team game that has students writing sentences quickly to earn gold coins. I used it for New Crown 3 Lesson 7, with indirect questions. They loved it!!

  • Could you... (Polite language) Manga Project

    Showing the kids how to use "could you" and "would you" via a team comic making project

  • Bingo/Bongo (JHS 1, 2 and 3年)

    Students take turns asking the ALT questions in order to get bingo/bongo

  • NC 1-60(?) Be動詞 silhouette quiz

    A 3-hint quiz using characters and real people to (primarily) practice be動詞

  • Nice Teacher/Mean Teacher: Could you~please? JHS2

    New Crown 2 Get Plus 6 "Could you ~ please?"- Students do a conversation practice game and get a card with a secret role, "mean teacher" who always responds no, or "nice teacher" who always says yes.

  • Super grammar Relay - New Crown 2 Review.

    Super interactive grammar review activity for NC2. Students race to the back of the class, pick an incomplete sentence card, then race to the front to find the correct grammar card to complete it.

  • New Crown 3 Learning from Nature

    Powerpoint to help students understand the content of "Learning from Nature", Reading for Fun 3 page 126.

  • Have you ever...? Dynamite Game

    Practicing the question "Have you ever...?" students ask each other questions, hoping for a "Yes, I have" answer, otherwise they lose a dynamite when a student answers "No, I haven't".

  • Inside Out Indirect Questions Activity

    Using the video clip from Inside Out, students watch and fill out a worksheet.

  • JHS Google Maps: Could you tell me how to get to ?

    Students choose a place they want to go by train from their school. Using Google Maps, they write a conversation where someone asks for directions to this place. Then, they talk in pairs!

  • NC 3rd grade JHS review quiz

    Review quiz for 3rd grade covering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade grammar

  • I want to be a vet. Kahoot (Crown Jr 6: Lesson 6)

    This is a Kahoot to review the Crown Jr. 6: Lesson 6 I want to be a vet. Credit to HoriuchiSensei on Kahoot for providing a shorter version of this review that I used as a basis to create this one.

  • Don't get yes SN

    A never have I never kind of game

  • JHS Kahoot - New Year Trivia 2024

    New Year Trivia questions with information slides.

  • Giving Directions

    Based on EmilyInsado's simple "How can I get to" excercise, for New Crown 1 pg. 107

  • Hunt for the ~ing 1 & 2 (9年)

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • What's in your room?

    Students practice using "There is/are" to describe what's in their room.

  • "We call it _____" Quiz Game!

    In groups, students guess what famous movies/characters/brands are called in English

  • Why Don't We...

    Short presentation and battleship-like game, for the grammar "Why don't we/Why don't you"

  • Must • Must Not Worksheet Activity

    A simple worksheet to introduce must/must not grammar, aimed at lower-level JHS students. Goes along with GetPlus 2 (p.48) in New Crown 2.

  • Practice Navigating the Osaka Metro!

    Work in groups to read a list of directions and find the destination station! Students will use a map of the Osaka Metro.

  • Which, A or B?

    Have students read the prompts on the board in pairs. Have each kid select and write down their choice for a reveal!

  • Could you tell me how to get to...

    Activity based on page 63 of New Crown 3 - students use a map to travel around Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto

  • The Little Prince (Mini book project)

    This ia a final mini project that I did with my 2-nensei students when we had our lesson on The Little Prince on pp. 122-125, New Crown Textbook.

  • Passive voice worksheet/dialogue

    Here is a simple dialogue/skit for the children to practice passive voice and a worksheet about the history of coca cola using passive voice.

  • Feelings Karuta Game

    Contains all the feelings/emotion words listed in the back of the New Crown 2 and New Crown 3 books.

  • Practicing conversation points in New Crown 3

    Practices 3 conversation points: confirm, change the subject and words that express feelings and emotions

  • Guess what! Activity

    Students write surprising "Guess what!" sentence. They then say these sentences in pairs and practice reactions. The sillier the sentences, the better.

  • I think I will...

    Introduces the idea of a good idea, bad idea and the form "I think I will"

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