Let's Find Out: Can and Cannot

This is a modified version of the activity "Can an Elephant Jump?" by Englipedia Classics

  1. Start the activity by asking the students a question using 'can'. For example, you can start with a question with a pretty obvious answer like, "Can you fly?" You can follow it up with another question like, "Can penguins fly?" This should prompt the expected answers: Yes, I/it can, or No, I/it can't.

  2. Then, distribute the worksheets and make sure that the students understand the questions by going over all of them one by one.

  3. Next, ask the students to pair up and discuss these questions. After discussing the questions with their partners, each student should choose their answer on the worksheet. And then the students should assign points for each of their answers, from 0 to 10. If their answer is correct, they get the points that they wrote on their worksheet. If their answer is incorrect, they do not get any points. Basically tell them that if they are very confident about their answers, they can put 10. :)

  4. Give the students time to choose their answers and then reveal the answers one by one. You can throw in some trivia every time you reveal the answer to the questions. Once all the answers are revealed, students should sum up their points. It's up to you how you want to reward your students.

  5. Lastly, the students should complete the sentence "Today, I learned..." There is an example on the worksheet that they can follow.

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    Submitted by lemonade April 11, 2024 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
    Inspired by Can An Elephant Jump?

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