Can and Can't

I can play the guitar. I can't play the trombone.

  • Make a soccer team

    Students use the question "Can you ~" to create a soccer team.

  • Heads Up "I can" Game

    Speaking game to practice "I can (swim [fast])"

  • Can You Play Bingo?

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 1 p.16 CAN/CAN'T

  • 1st Term Performance Test Script (Here We Go! 6)

    My English head and I had decided to change up the script to make the conversation flow a little more naturally. (Based off Here We Go! 6’s “自分や日本のことを紹介しよう” script)

  • Can you...? Bingo Activity for JHS 1

    A bingo activity using the grammar point "Can you...?" for JHS 1st graders

  • 5th Grade Final review Jeopardy

    A full year review for 5th Graders, I used a Jeopardy template I found here, and change few things to make the review compatible to Here we go! 5 , in 2024 the textbook has changed (pptx not updated)!

  • What/When/Where/How/Can Tic-Tac-Toe

    Writing and speaking exersize using tic-tac-toe to practice the difference between what/when/where/how/can. Aimed towards JHS 1st years.

  • Can you~? Sugoroku

    Students practice asking Can you~?, and responding with Yes, I can. / No, I can't.

  • Junior Sunshine 6th Grade Unit 1 Review Kahoot

    A Kahoot I had put together to review the end of unit 1 in the Junior Sunshine 6 textbook for elementary school. Covers "I like...", "I can...", "I'm good at..." etc.

  • Canada Versus Japan Differences

    Some comparisons between Canada and Japan students might find interesting. Koban/Mounties, Mount Fuji/Rocky Mountains, Nara Deer/Canadian Moose, JR Train/CN Train etc. For Canadian ALTs!

  • Can You Bingo/Bongo?

    Designed to be done with Unit 1 Part 3 of the New Horizons 1 Textbook. It can be used with any book really for can you.

  • Are you? Do you? Can you? Jeopardy

    Follows New Horizon 1 Unit 1. Students create "Are you? Do you? Can you?" questions while playing jeopardy.

  • Let's Find Out: Can and Cannot

    This is a modified version of the activity "Can an Elephant Jump?" by Englipedia Classics

  • Self-Introduction Meguri

    Students introduce themselves, collect signatures, and get points

  • Character Guess Who: Can you ____? Are you ____?

    In pairs, students guess what charater their partner is

  • Find Someone Who (Adult English Activity)

    A BINGO game for adult English learners (non-English teachers at school) to ask questions and learn about each other.

  • Review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed)

    JHS 1st and 2nde grade year review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed).

  • Slangs in North America! (modified ver.)

    slightly modified slang/SNS quiz made by janeenmp

  • If I met...Crazy story

    This is a writing and reading review activity I made for my JHS 3年生 using the target grammar in Sunishine 3. Lets students make a crazy story about meeting a famous person of their choice.

  • JHS (一年生) - My Dream Robot

    A PowerPoint example and worksheet for the "Dream Robot" activity on page 66 of the New Crown 1 textbook.

  • G1- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    I made Kahoots as needed at the end of two or three units at the time.

  • Reverse Key Word Game (Vocabulary Game) any grade.

    It's a veeeeeeeery fun game to help students to practice asking a specific question.

  • Unit 7 Welcome To Japan

    I made this worksheet so our 5th graders who are moving forward in a few months can practice writing, reading and speaking. I will attach both PDF and word file so you can change anything you want.

  • I Spy!

    A group activity based around the I Spy books, or other similar material.

  • Can, Can't simple interview activity

    Simple PowerPoint to help students to practice asking and answering "can" questions.

  • One World Smiles 5 2nd Semester review Kahoot

    A 24 question Kahoot covering Units 4, 5, and 6 of the One World Smiles 5th grade textbook.

  • Job Fair.

    This game is to practice I can/ I can't in a real world roleplay setting.

  • I want to go to... (Interactive World Map)

    An interactive world map powerpoint designed to get kids speaking about where they would like to travel to. Practice's "You can see" and "You can eat" sentence structure

  • Tips for Explaining Things and People - Taboo Game

    based on One World JHS 2nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Speaking #4 page 64

  • Thanksgiving Don't Pop the Balloon (google slides)

    An American Thanksgiving themed, team-based review game

  • Can I...? Battleship, New Horizons JHS 1 U6

    Battleship game covering New Horizons 1 Unit 6. It’s fantastic for drilling permission questions with a variety of pronouns.

  • Hunter and Animals Matching Game (using Who Q's)

    Game Mechanics to practice speaking/using "Who" questions / Reduced Relative Clause specific to One World 1nensei book, Lesson 6-2, p. 78-79 (Example: Who wants mango pudding?)

  • Can You Do It? Warm-Up Activity

    Based on One World 5 textbook, for 5nensei ES, Lesson 5 "I Can ___" Verbs A powerpoint/pdf file of pictures of physical challenges, that students will try to do/prove they can do.

  • Guess the monster! Halloween game

    This is a fun activity for Halloween that I used with my JHS 1st years. Each student will be randomly assigned a halloween creature. They have to figure out who is what using the information given.

  • Learning Technology

    What kind of things can you do with a smartphone?

  • ALT can or can't .

    The slides show different can do/can't do actions using One World smile 5 for ALT teacher. Students guess the right answer about ALT by saying the sentences and get Taiyaki as present.

  • "I Can" Boardgame

    ES 5nensei OneWorld Lesson5 "I Can ..." Speaking Practice Activity Boardgame with all the verbs / phrases learned specifically to OneWorld textbook

  • "He/She can _____ well." Pop Quiz

    A power point introduction to the phrase "He/She can ______ well." It is filled with fun gifs of popular characters.

  • Presentation idea for 5th grade introducing others

    A worksheet for this topic that gets filled in , practiced and performed by small groups of students in front of the class.

  • Can you ~ ?

    BINGO game for New Horizon Elementary 5th grade activity

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