Guessing Game Cards (Monikers/Fishbowl)

90 cards, split up into the following categories: Animals, Food, Places, Sports, Things, Characters, Historical Persons, and Musical Artists. Multipupose but designed for the game Monikers.

These cards could be used for a variety of activities, so please use them as you see fit.
I specifically made them for a guessing game sometimes called Monikers or Fishbowl.

Each card has a word or name, a picture, and a category. There are 90 cards total, split up into the following categories: Animals, Food, Places, Sports, Things, Characters (x2), Historical Persons, and Musical Artists.

If you’re not familiar with Monikers/Fishbowl, it’s similar to games like taboo, catchphrase, and charades. There’s 3 rounds. In round 1, students can use any words (including the category), sounds, or gestures to describe the card; they just can’t say the word or name itself. In round 2, they can only use one word, and round 3 is just gestures.

I played this game with my lower level high schoolers, so I think it should be okay for JHS. Depending on the skill or interests of your kids, you can cut out or change some of the cards. I already removed the most specific references to my location, so there’s one blank “Place” card if you want to add your home country or a local place your kids know. “School” was my school’s name, so you can edit that to be more specific if you want.

If you’re already familiar with this game, that’s probably all you need to know. If not, please open the Rules and Logistics PDF for a much more detailed explanation. You can also find simple explanations online if you search for Monikers or Fishbowl rules.

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    Submitted by ChibaChibi April 12, 2024 Estimated time: 30-50 Minutes

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