June 2024 Calendar

June 2024 english board

You can directly print it the calendar and paste it on your board

--- please note I have added sports day according to my schools day you can change it based on your schools sports day.

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    Submitted by Yanaa May 22, 2024 Estimated time:
    1. Yanaa May 24, 2024

      I edited in monica B post canva link. Page 2 is the one i created. please create a seperate page to edit for yourself.

    2. Yanaa May 30, 2024

      5th - World Environment Day
      7th - World Food Safety Day
      8th - World Oceans Day
      11th - International Day of Play
      14th - World Blood Donor Day
      16th - World Sea Turtle Day
      21st - Summer Solstice
      25th - Global Smurf Day
      30th - International Asteroid Day

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