Challenge Corner: Months

English Board Activity

Every month I try to add a "Challenge Corner" to the English Board.

I have broken up the months into 2 groups so that it won`t be so overwhelming for the kids.
The first file will consist of Jan. - Jun. and the second will be Jul. - Dec.

They are quite popular with the kids and the HRTs also encourage the kids to take on the challenge. Some of my HRTs have also begun making their own copies of my worksheet and having the kids work on them during class when we find that we still have 5-10 min at the end of class that need to be filled. So aside from being an English Board activity the worksheets can also work as a way to give kids extra practice during class.
In exchange for doing the worksheet I give the students a sticker and make any corrections to the worksheet that may be needed.

Small files
  • Challenge Corner - Months (7月ー12月).pdf (362 KB)
  • Challenge Corner - Months (1月ー6月).pdf (372 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Challenge Corner - Months (1月ー6月).pptx (2.7 MB)
  • Challenge Corner - Months (7月ー12月).pptx (2.7 MB)
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    Submitted by jocelyn May 24, 2024 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
    1. Bonjure289 May 27, 2024

      Quick correction! January for the first tracing part is spelled Janurary.

    2. jxjan May 27, 2024

      Thank you for this!

    3. TuxedoNeko May 27, 2024

      This looks like a good time-filler, thank you for making this. Just a couple of things for the creator and anyone who wants to use it:

      1. On the tracing sheet, January is misspelled (Janurary).

      2. The furigana for some months are a little strange.

        January: ジャニュエリ (janyueri)
        March: マーチュ (ma-chu)
        April: エィプロー (eh-ipuro...? why is the イ small?)
        May: メィ (mi? again why is the イ small?)
        September: (settenba?)

      3. The matching activity for July to December has the January to June furigana.

    4. charlotte May 27, 2024

      I'd love to use this but there are too many mistakes :( please can you correct or upload a file we can edit? Thanks!!

    5. jocelyn May 28, 2024
      1. Thanks for pointing out the mistake in January! I luckily havent used this specific print set yet so I went ahead and fixed it!

      2. The katakana may seem strange and doesnt follow conventional Japanese rules but it is how my HRTs have suggested that I write it down. The small イ is there to signify that while you do have this sound it is quieter then the then the sound before it. Totally get why that could be confusing but it is what has been working for us. The katakana is there mainly to help the younger kids with their pronunciation and of course it will never be perfect but its what works best for us!

      3. Again thanks for pointing this out! I went ahead and fixed it!

      I unfortunately made this on canva so I am unable to make it editable directly on there but I can download the file into Powerpoint which will hopefully allow everyone to edit it as they`d like!

    6. OdafromTaijima May 28, 2024

      This looks like such a cool activity

    7. charlotte May 29, 2024

      Thank you for the editable version! :D

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