Heads Up "I can" Game 🎴🗣️💃

Speaking game to practice "I can (swim [fast])"

Had my JTE translate the instructions to the app game "Heads Up". We made it a card game.

With random pairs, students will go around the room and try to guess the card they are holding on their forehead. If they get it correct, they come to the teachers (ALT and/or JTE) to trade their card for another. Each time they change cards, they get a point. Student with the most points at the end wins!

It's an honesty policy because the kids need to keep track of their own points.

How to:
- Print out the PDF with 10 cards. You will need to make enough copies so that each student has one.
(So, for a class of about 35 students, print 4 copies. If you want extra cards for immediate trading, print 8 pages to have double.)
- Cut the cards up and mix.
- Use the PPTX to explain the game rules to the students.
- Give each student a card face down on their desk.
- Remind them that they cannot see their own card.
- Once all students have their cards, have them hold the cards up to their foreheads so they cannot see their own card but others can.
- Students should walk around the room and work with a random partner.
- The partner will gesture the action depicted on the card.
- The student guessing will say the key phrase: "I can [card photo]".
- The student acting out the card should confirm whether the guess is right or wrong.
-- If the guess is correct, the student comes to one of the teachers to trade in their old card for a new one, earning 1 point.
-- If the guess is incorrect, the student needs to find another partner to gesture the action again.

The goal is to correctly guess as many cards as possible within the time limit.

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    Submitted by CarpenterBee June 13, 2024 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    1. Miki248 June 13, 2024

      Thank you. Could you please upload a compressed version of powerpoint file or provide google slides link of it?

    2. CarpenterBee June 14, 2024

      Got you! Just uploaded a smaller file and kept the big one there too. The only real difference is that the big one has a built in timer!

    3. Miki248 June 14, 2024

      Thank you so much!

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