Online Activity

This activity is for online classes.

  • English Board Poster-Good Luck on your Test!

    Encouragement Poster for English Board

  • Presentation idea for 5th grade introducing others

    A worksheet for this topic that gets filled in , practiced and performed by small groups of students in front of the class.

  • Connect 4 - Subject-Verb Agreement

    In this game, two players take turns shading a grid. The aim is to be the first to create a line of four shaded cells in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

  • Kahoot! Infinitive (general)

    It is important to learn about AI

  • Unit 3 NH2 Review

    This is a review of Infinitives used in all Unit 3 lessons

  • New Horizons 5, Units 1-3 Review

    This is a Blookit game set reviewing New Horizons Elementary, Book 5, Units 1-3

  • New Horizons 6, Units 1-3 Review

    This is a Blookit game set reviewing New Horizons Elementary, Book 6, Units 1-3

  • Kahoot Collection

    A variety of kahoot activities separated into 3 different categories (for now): vocabulary, grammar, and fun.

  • Let's Try Book 2, Units 1-3 Review Blookit Game

    This is a Blookit game set reviewing Let's Try Book 2, Units 1-3

  • Kahoot Round-Up: New Horizon 1 (JHS 1st)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for JHS first graders that go with the New Horizon 2020 textbook series.

  • Kahoot! game (One World 1 ~ Word List from p. 148)

    A review of adjectives and verbs for 1年生 (1st graders).

  • Wasei Eigo Kahoot

    A short Kahoot to learn about Wasei Eigo and loanwords

  • World Heritage Sites Presentation

    New Horizon Elementary Grade 6 Unit 3 : Over the Horizon

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review (p.37まで)


  • Here We Go 1 U1-U3P2 Vocabulary

    Spreadsheet of vocabulary for Here We Go 1, from Unit1P1-Unit3P2. It can be used for vocabulary practice using quiz websites.

  • Wordle Word List (High School)

    A list of words taken from Viva 1 & 2, and All Aboard 2

  • Kahoot Third Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review

    My JTE asked me to make a review game for units 1 - 3 (up until scene 1). https://create.kahoot.it/share/3rd-years-unit-1-to-3-review/2b61a3c0-1c3c-449f-98b2-974782c2716e

  • Infinitive & Gerund

    Forms and Uses of Infinitives and Gerunds

  • Weather Kahoot

    This Kahoot is to review the weather words for the Unit 2 of Let's Try 2.

  • Guess the fruit and vegetables

    Quiz game

  • Holidays and Events around the World

    New Horizon Elementary 5 Unit 2 This is a presentation about holidays and events celebrated in different countries around the world.

  • BoBombs!

    This is a template that you can easily edit and use with any level, grammar or English phrases.

  • Omoshiroi Kinenbi 面白い記念日 Kahoot Quiz

    A Kahoot quiz for 5th graders about interesting/funny dates to practice the question "When is~?" and the answer "______is _______."

  • Lets Try 2 Unit 3: Days of the Week Quiz 曜日クイズ

    Students quiz each other about the days of the week.

  • Kahoot - Colour Kingdoms 🚩🏰

    A fun and informative way to show students how to play Kahoot's Colour Kingdoms

  • Blooket Games Explained

    Working in conjunction with one of my JTEs, I plan on making a few PDFs (from Google Slides) to show and explain some of the games on the Blooket site.

  • Characterstics -Kahoot


  • One World - Lesson 1 Review (Kahoot! Game)

    This is an interactive game using students' tablet/iPads via Kahoot!. Please feel free to play it. This game could be played by maximum of 40 students.

  • Months of the Year

    Sts listen to the audio and answer select the correct answer.

  • Kahoot for 6th Grade Unit 2

    New Horizon Unit 2 Kahoot Game for sentence practice https://create.kahoot.it/details/80b549bc-ea2f-4438-b718-ef091fbf3be3

  • New Horizon 3 Units 0-1 Blooket Review

    No preparation multiple choice web quiz style game for students (each student needs ipad/computer)! Q's include vocab and grammar from Units 0-1.

  • Kahoot how is the weather

    Weather game

  • Some review Gimkits I've made

    Gimkits which contain questions from many of the topics previously studied by the target studient audience.

  • Sushi Game Simple Past review for second graders

    This is a review game for Simple Past Tense Thanks to @JoshJ for the original Sushi Scramble Review Game

  • Where is this? Picture reveal

    A simple game where the students have to name colors to reveal a picture, which is a place that they have to name.

  • Sunshine 2 Review Kahoot!

    End of year Kahoot to review Sunshine 2 textbook

  • Wordwall a great alternative to Kahoot

    It's a website where you can make or search for games and activities. Perfect for ipads and can cover most lessons from ES to JHS. Need a projector or a tv in your class with access to internet.

  • Glorb's Cannon

    Practice your correct spelling knowledge and shoot Glorb as far as you can!

  • English Idioms (with matching Kahoot!)

    A Powerpoint activity with literal Japanese translations to help students learn about some of the silly English idioms we have.

  • Blooket New Horizon 1 Units 1-11 Grammar Review

    Multiple choice questions on Blooket

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