NH2, U1: Unit Activity, Summer Vacation Planning

Students are tasked with planning and making an itinerary for their summer vacation using going to~ and will~.

Inspired by I am going to & I will made by lemonade

This was a presentation lesson plan I created for JHS 2 Unit 1, Unit Activity 夏休みの旅行計画.

The first lesson, students are tasked in groups to figure out where they want to go to for summer vacation and create an itinerary for their said trip. The first two pages are meant to be used for general planning and memo, while they will use the last two pages to present their itinerary.

The focus of this lesson is using Future Simple i.e. "We are going to~", "We will~", as well as previously learned grammar, such as "We want to~".

How students divide the workload for the presentation is up to them, but I recommend encouraging them to decide on a place and general ideas on what they want to do as a group, and then have each group member be responsible for planning out a day or two depending on how many members there are in a group. A problem of time management came up as many students took a long time just deciding on a country and what they wanted to do, so I think in the future I would be strict with an allotted time for each task, for example: 5 mins to decide a country, 10 mins for research, 15 mins for memos, etc.

The second lesson, I gave students 10 mins to finish up their slides and another 5-10 mins to practice. Next, I gave them Feedback Sheets, which they used to evaluate themselves and their classmate's presentations. It's a simple 1-5 grading system, and the criteria were Speaking Volume, Pronunciation, Eye Contact, and Presentation Content, as well as an area where they can write good points or points of improvement for their classmates.

Lastly, I think using Loilnote for this lesson plan is the best course of action, as it made things more convenient for group collaborative effort, as well as sharing the lesson's content. Of course, stress that Google translate be used as a dictionary only, and not for whole sentences.

Submitted by nathanclemente May 16, 2024 Estimated time: 2 Lessons (50 min each)

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