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A digital replacement for an English board

My school didn't always have the space for an English board so I made this so that I can send it to the students on their tablets. It allows me to put in more interactive content as well as easily make the next month. It saves a lot of money on paper too. This one is targeted at middle school. While I have sections like this month in America or monthly story time, the format is very adaptable to whatever you want to show your kids.

If you don't have tablets it's also easily printable and can be passed out to the students or have an area like in the library that they can pick it up.

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    Submitted by bluebubbles April 22, 2024 Estimated time: Outside of class
    1. onewiththenen April 25, 2024

      This is a really great idea! My schools don't have spaces for English boards either. Definitely inspired me to start my own. Thanks for sharing!

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