Students read in the activity.

  • Choose your Pokemon Warm-up Game

    Have the class answer questions correctly to choose their starting Pokemon and practice past and current topics before the class gets rolling

  • Valentine's Day word search

    An easy, nine word word search based on Valentine's Day vocabulary

  • February English Board

    Material for your English Board

  • I Was Eating Ice Cream in the Library

    A conversation activity where student try to guess which person their partner is using basic 'I was' statements.

  • Do You Know How to Play BINGO?

    A classroom bingo game that practices the question 'Do you know?'

  • Test Your Strength!

    Roll up! Roll up! For a 10 question quiz with and test your strength!

  • New Horizons ES G5 and 6 Matching PPT Game

    In groups, students try to match school events (6th Grade) or Holidays (5th Grade) to descriptive adjectives.

  • Link's Boomerang Bash

    Use a boomerang to smash vocabulary words for points in this phonics practice game!

  • Pokemon Classroom Blast *Drive Link Below*

    Classroom Blast with a Pokemon style, this review game is easy to edit and guaranteed to blow your students away with its art style, music, and effects.

  • Zelda Write and Race

    Template for a Zelda themed write and race game

  • Junior Sunshine 5 Phonics Concentration

    An online matching game using the phonics words from Junior Sunshine 5

  • Christmas story & Race to the North Pole game

    An explanation of Santa Claus and Nativity story before playing a quiz game

  • Christmas Board Game

    Give and receive presents as you race to the goal. Each present adds to your score.

  • Three Boys: Comparative Logic Puzzle

    Cards and instructions for a logic puzzle using comparatives "-er"

  • December English Board

    Calendar and other materials for your English Board

  • Remember Remember the 5th of November!

    Bonfire night points game!

  • Tinder Trouble in Tokyo

    JHS first graders practice pronouns to help Anime characters find love.

  • Christmas Jeopardy 2021

    A refurbished Christmas Jeopardy with sounds, effects, and a touch of christmas magic

  • Apex Legends Review (now with Drive Link)

    Using the characters and abilities of Apex Legends to review. No guns, no blood, but packed with references to this super popular Battle Royal

  • Memory (2nd Conditional)

    Memory game using 2nd conditional sentences

  • Dictionary Definition Quiz

    Give the students a dictionary definition, and they must try to figure out the word. Then, students make their own quizzes. For JHS grade 3

  • Do you BINGO?

    Students work on the use of "Do you...?" with a partner while playing BINGO

  • TRIVIA (Research activity)

    Superlatives Quiz!

  • Cards against English

    The classic game, with watered down answers.

  • Relative Pronoun Mario Review Game

    A Mario-themed review game to practice the relative pronoun

  • Adjective Cards

    Small cards featuring 56 different adjective words

  • Impostor on the Space Station

    Students work in groups to solve tasks. However, one student is an impostor trying to sabotage the activity! Can the rest of the team get the correct answers and find the impostor?

  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    A research-based race game.

  • Mighty Magikarp Review (Now with Drive Link)

    Review material before exams while helping Magikarp crush his foes into dust!

  • Order and making a pizza

    What ~ would you like on your pizza?

  • Let's Talk 2

    A worksheet based on New Horizon 3 Let's Talk 2

  • I know how to play dice!

    Students carry out directions written on cards for a chance to roll the dice and score points. A mix of chance and strategy, with lots of speaking!

  • Mystery Match 3

    Students combine sentence parts to make three original sentences and try to get a match 3. Practices: "[be] sure that..." "[be] glad that..." and "[hope] that..."

  • Halloween English Board

    Some Halloween-themed pictures and text you can use for your english board

  • Dragon Quest Review

    An epic review game with points, monsters, items, and a million uses

  • Super Mario World! Bullet Bill`s Revenge!

    Super Mario review game

  • Harder.Better.Faster.Stronger. *Drive link below*

    Practice your comparatives in style. Lots of animations, sounds, and even a worksheet

  • What do you like? (Let's Try 1)

    You can use this power point presentation to discuss "what do you like" in 3rd or 4th grade

  • Relative Pronoun Group Trivia

    Group category trivia using relative pronoun sentences as hints

  • Hearthclone - a Conditional Card Game

    For 2-6 players (per printout). Players read instruction rules on cards and execute their function.

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