Students read in the activity.

  • Directions Race

    Students race to find all the places on the map. This is a first year friendly take on World Rally.

  • Mario Wants Luigi To

    A translation exercise, listening exercise, and charades game practicing infinitives.

  • Visiting A Doctor

    Students learn various doctor vocabulary and expressions by completing a crossword and creating a dialogue with their partner.

  • Agree Writing Practice

    Students practice writing why or why not they agree with certain controversial statements.

  • Question Word Review

    This activity is a question/answer review that reviews the following question words: when, where, who, whose, what, how and which.

  • Shopping Yesterday

    Students read a short passage and answer the Past Tense questions.

  • Is There Sumo In America?

    Students play a true or false guessing game about America while using "there is/are."

  • Fountain Of Youth

    In teams, students try to piece a story together.

  • Search The Textbook

    This is a review game for New Horizon 2's textbook. Students are given questions and they must find the answers in their textbooks

  • Will You Phone Convo

    Students write sentences and plug them into the phone conversation dialog.

  • Go Fish

    Students walk around playing Janken and asking for target vocabulary cards.

  • Sentence Making Relay

    Students try to make passive sentences from sheets over paper located on the walls of the classroom.

  • Spontaneous Interviews

    Students aim to complete the interview task using the grammar point.

  • Crazy Diary Entry

    A writing activity that lets students make a crazy diary entry. Student then read their diary entry to the class for lots of fun.

  • Rescue 119

    Students help rescue plane crash victims by locating them in a classroom and then writing a report to submit to the rescue authorities.

  • May I / Could you: activity worksheet

    2 part worksheet for p28-29 of New Horizon 2.

  • PPP

    This activity practices Past Progressive Pair work (was/were + verb'ing').

  • Alphabet Shopping

    This is a shopping game using uppercase letters, the aim of which is to have children familiarise themselves with the letters in a non-patterned way.

  • Sunshine 3rd year Program 2-3 Writing

    Writing worksheets for students to write about a place they've either been to or want to go to.

  • Who am I? Quiz

    A three-hint-quiz type of game where students have to guess the character being described. Perfect activity for We Can! 2 Unit 3 "He is Famous. She is great."

  • Crazy Story

    Students fill in a form then insert the info into a template to create a crazy story, then have a go at writing their own.

  • Random Superheroes

    Students practice "can" grammar by making amusing randomly generated superheroes.

  • Be Race

    Fill in the blanks with the correct 'Be' form and race to the finish.

  • Day At The Zoo

    This is a classic logic puzzle. The students must read and understand the relative pronoun sentences in order to solve the puzzle.

  • Colour Scavenger Hunt

    Help students practice their colours and the names of places around the school with this fun game.

  • Twister

    Students try to twist their bodies/limbs into various pretzel shapes to correspond to the ALTs instructions.

  • Infinitive Madlib

    Students will (hopefully) make a funny story using the template of a Madlib that uses the target grammar.

  • Chalkboard Bingo

    Students write words in their notebooks hoping to score a bingo.

  • Polite Conversations

    Students practice speaking and polite conversation with a fun comic.

  • Magic Box Scramble

    Teams race to unscramble the Magic Box story. Then, they answer questions to receive 'magic words', which then forms a 'magic question' the teams must answer.

  • When Are You Free?

    Students try to guess which character their partner has chosen.

  • Food Wheel

    Students make a food wheel to help them become familiar with the written words for different foods.

  • "How was" Memory and Lesson Plan

    Students practice using the phrase "How was" (How was your weekend, lunch, etc.) by playing question-answer memory and then writing their own "How was" questions.

  • Know Miffy

    Students ask each other reduced relative clause questions to gather various peoples' names.

  • Weekend Diary

    Students race to read and write sentences and complete the passage.

  • Exploding Sentences

    Students draw cards from a Mystery Box and practice saying the target word and example sentence.

  • In A Dark Room

    Students close their eyes and imagine the story you tell them. Upon opening their eyes, they complete a worksheet based upon their imagination.

  • Monsters On Mt Fuji

    Students work together to find out which monsters are going to blow up Mt. Fuji and try to capture them before anything bad happens.

  • ABC Snakes And Ladders

    Alphabet Snakes and Ladders helps students recognize the letters of the Alphabet, review colors, and learn the vocabulary that goes with each letter.

  • World Rally

    Spice up that boring direction class with a little unadulterated racing goodness.

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