Let’s replace a defective product.

This is a practice activity, based on Sunshine 3 page 50 Power-Up 2 “Returning a product”. It role-plays returning a defective or unwanted product to a shop.

This is a practice activity, based on Sunshine 3 page 50 Power-Up 2 “Returning a product” but could be used by any class that wants to practice this situation.

The conversation is a slight extension from the conversation on Page 50 of the Sunshine 3 (2020) 3rd grade JHS textbook.

3 emojis dictate the direction of the conversation for asking for a replacement or a refund in a store. The first pdf has a model conversation using one receipt designed for the activity. There are 9 receipts in total on the 2nd pdf below. In an average JHS class, print 12 pages of the receipts on various colored paper then cut the receipts so you have 12 sets of 9, paper-clipped together according to color.

I recommend groups of 3 with their desks in triangle formation. 1 salesperson, 1 customer and one observer then rotate the roles so the students are as active as possible.

The information for (1) and (2) in the conversation is contained on the receipts and a single emoji at the bottom of each receipt dictates the direction the conversation takes.

When a group gets through all the options, tell them shuffle the receipts and do it WITHOUT the script. The student not active in the conversation can prompt the roleplayers if they get stuck (by having visual access to the script).

Worked well for my 3rd graders provided there was support practice (listen and repeat, checking meaning in Japanese etc) before we let the students loose on the activity.

On the receipts, you may need to pre-teach “caterpillars”, “bracelet” and “ripped”. Also, the word “refund” here is a noun so the students should stress the first syllable.

*If you don’t teach using the “Sunshine 3” textbook, make students aware that this product is a textbook with pages ripped.

Hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

Submitted by vaudeville July 15, 2022 Estimated time: 15~20 minutes.
  1. Sorbin September 14, 2022

    Great activity, I was wondering what to do for this. Is it possible to get editable word documents as well as the pdf files though? Thanks.

  2. vaudeville September 14, 2022

    It was actually designed for the Sunshine 3 Book but the tag has come out as Junior Sunshine. It was created on an iPad using Pages (Apple’s version similar to Word). I shared as a pdf so that anyone could print it off. If you are an Apple user I could send those editable files over…

  3. Sorbin September 15, 2022

    I was planning to use it for Sunshine 3 but just wanted to change some parts to make it more personal to the school I'm at. I'm not an Apple user but I belive word can read and edit Pages files. So if possible could I get a copy or the files? Thanks.

  4. vaudeville April 11, 2023

    Sorry. I’ve only just noticed this above reply. I’ve attached the .pages files.

  5. Lena_the_Legend September 5, 2023

    Thanks so much for this! I often struggle to find Sunshine activities on this site.

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