One World

Specific to the One World textbook.

  • Textbook Picture Search! (One World 3)

    Practice the reduced relative clause by searching through the One World 3 textbook.

  • Create Mii (cards) "Can you...?"

    Card making activity for "Can"

  • New Horizon 5th grade Unit 3 Listening Worksheet

    @Furachan inspired listening worksheet for the "Let's Listen and Think" portion of Unit 3

  • I bought eggs... Why? (To cook omurice)

    ppt and group whiteboard game using the infinite adverbial (-to) to create their own sentences

  • Plural/Singular Verbs: Connect 3 (Board Game)

    JHS 1nensei One World Textbook Lesson 3 Review Make sentences using I/He/She with appropriate verb (like/likes, don't like/doesn't like...) to mark your spot on the board. Connect 3 spots to score.

  • Vocabulary Speed Review PowerPoints

    Digital flashcard warmup PowerPoints. Blank template included

  • Places in a Town Vocabulary Practice

    Three basic powerpoint activities for practising the vocabulary from U2 of the new One World Smiles 6 textbook.

  • NOT your average BINGO game

    40 lamentable Bingo Cards, Mark-out BINGO PPTX, and Class Flashcards

  • Battleship Past-Tense Verbs JHS 1年

    Practice asking and answering questions using past-tense verbs and words indicating time, to find out your opponent's ship locations, faster than he finds out yours. 6 different versions

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 1年 One World Chap1-7

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 1年 One World

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 2年 One World

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Taro's Adventures: Should I or...?

    Should I or Should I - interactive storyboard PPT where students decide Taro's decisions

  • JHS 3年生 ~ Year-end Review

    An interactive online quiz for 3年生 based on One World 3 textbook.

  • Introduction to Debates Lesson Plan (JHS 3)

    A powerpoint and activities to introduce debates to JHS Grade 3 students.

  • Unit 1 and 2 Jeopardy (One World 3)

    A jeopardy game to review Units 1 and 2.

  • "I want you to OOO XXX" card exchange activity

    Students practice “I want you to ~~~~” in conversation using personalized choices.

  • Passport Activity (I want to/I will/I'm going to)

    A personalized conversation activity with no writing. Students ask and answer questions with each other using target grammar, based on a travel itinerary they create.

  • JHS 2年生 ~ Year-end Review

    An interactive quiz game to review all grammar and sentence patterns based on the textbook One World 2.

  • JHS 1年生 ~ Year-end Review

    An interactive quiz to review all grammar and sentence patterns of first graders based on the textbook One World 1.

  • Elementary Resource Site

    We use Let's Try 1 and 2 and One World Smiles 5 and 6 in my city

  • Conditional interview with Doraemon!

    This is an interview and writing activity for Lesson 5 part 1 of the One World 3 textbook using some of Doraemon's inventions.

  • Where is Naruto? My Hero version.

    Another copy of Lucasmh's awesome PowerPoint. This is for practising the vocabulary and sentences in Unit 9 of One World Smiles 5.

  • Let Me Play Dodgeball

    Team PowerPoint game for the unlisted grammar in One World 2 p110. The game is from Tay's Teaching Toolkit and I posted it here before for different target grammar.

  • Roulette Game

    This is a flexible game to review lessons.

  • Indirect Question Quiz and Scrambled Sentences

    This is for One World 2 L8-2 Indirect Question "ask/tell". The quiz is stolen from rflowers and the Sentences part is stolen from UonumaRobert.

  • Where’s That Pokémon? (My Dream Friend)

    A fun Pokémon-themed game to practice vocabulary for One World Smiles 5 Lesson 9 - My Dream Friend

  • Vocabulary Carousel / My Own Dictionary

    Students search the meaning of new words using the textbook dictionary. They read the example sentence and make/write their own example sentence. Done by group, in a carousel way.

  • Find the Box (Is there ~ ? Are there many ~ ?)

    For JHS 2年 One World Textbook Lesson 9-3 pp.116-117

  • Sentence Unscramble 2年OneWorldLesson9-3 Let/helpme

    Groups each get an envelope with nouns, verbs, etc., listen to the Japanese sentence, and form the correct English sentence using the words. (flexible, for difficult grammar lessons)

  • Passive Sentences - Activity Stations

    JHS 2年 One World Textbook Lesson 7-1,2 pp.78-81 (Object + was + verb in past participle tense + by + Subject)

  • Fake Jeopardy (I know... / I don't know...)

    (for JHS 2年 Lesson 8-1 Indirect Questions (I know ~ / I don't know ~) Jeopardy wherein you can score even if you don't know the answer, by giving an I know/I don't know statement.

  • Find the Box (There is ~ There are~)

    JHS 1年生 One World Textbook Lesson 9-2 pp.114-155: There is ~ There are ~

  • Jobs/Occupations Memory Game

    a quick and easy memory game to get students to say the jobs for OneWorld Textbook ES 6nensei Unit 8

  • Directions - Best Tablet App (ES Grades4-5)

    Go Straight, Turn Left, Turn Right... at the __rd corner, It's on your Left/Right, It's in front of you... It's on / in / under / by the ___

  • Find Your Partner (JHS 3rd Grade Review Activity)

    Game where each student has a Question or an Answer sentence (using grammar lessons)。Find your partner to complete the dialogue.

  • Unicorn Game (Speaking Practice for JHS)

    Flexible Speaking Activity for a target question and answer sentence. Find the unicorn (odd person out) by asking all your classmates and figuring out who has a different answer than others.

  • One World Smiles 5 2nd Semester review Kahoot

    A 24 question Kahoot covering Units 4, 5, and 6 of the One World Smiles 5th grade textbook.

  • Passive Voice memory game

    Memory and match card game plus worksheet

  • Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

    based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

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