Activities posted by dominiquednl

  • I have played Kahoot for two years.

    A 12-item Kahoot! to practice the difference between for and since.

  • Pokemon Money Game (-er,-est)

    A speaking (and gambling) activity designed for the comparative and superlative grammar point for ninensei.

  • I wish I were (Poetry Writing)

    A fun poetry writing activity using a pattern that is adaptable for other grammar points.

  • I know how to celebrate halloween

    A Kahoot! for students to identify the difference between how to, what to, when to, where to using details about halloween and other Japanese festivals.

  • What an exciting Kahoot!

    A 10-item Kahoot! to practice exclamatory sentences such as "What a cute cat!" or "How cute!"

  • Dice, Dice Quiz!

    A points-based review game for the grammar point "I want you to..."

  • Making Questions about the Constructive Speech

    This is based on One World 3 Lesson 7.

  • The Debate Flow

    This is the debate flow based on One World 3 Project 3 (page 91).

  • Grammar Casino

    This is a betting-style game for Indirect Questions or turning interrogatives into declaratives.

  • I don't know what a Kahoot is!

    This is a 12-item Kahoot! quiz for Indirect Questions or turning interrogatives into declaratives.

  • The Ultimate Snakes and Ladders

    A simple snakes and ladders board game with a twist, good for any grammar point.

  • Kimetsu no Yaiba Board Game

    A simple board game that may be used for any grammar point.

  • Spy x Family Quiz

    This is a passive voice review loosely inspired by the Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game and Casino Game.

  • Christmas in the Philippines

    This is an introduction to Christmas in the Philippines using the passive voice.