Dice, Dice Quiz!

A points-based review game for the grammar point "I want you to..."

You will need:
2 dice
Board, marker, and eraser for each group

I let the students go into groups of four or more and give them a board, marker, and eraser.
I show the question on TV.
I usually give them 40 seconds to answer, the time depends on the difficulty of the question.
When the time is up, all groups raise their boards.
If their answer is right, I hand them the dice. Usually, whoever wrote the answer gets to roll the dice. So, at the start, I already assign a number to each member of the group so they can take turns in writing.

Whatever total number they roll is the point they get.
HOWEVER, if they roll two of the same side / number, they get to choose a group and steal ALL of that group's points.

If you have a surplus of dice, you can give each group to lessen the time in going around.
But I found that students tend to play with the dice so it's better for me to hold on to the dice and hand it to the groups who got it right after each round.

Overall, it was a fun time without complicated instructions. The students also get excited because even though they don't always get the answers right, they still have a chance to win.

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  • Y3-10 I want you to (Dice Dice Quiz).pptx (16.4 MB)
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    Submitted by dominiquednl February 2, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes
    1. DannySchild September 11, 2023

      Lovely PowerPoint great job! I really like the overall design and it fits the grammar perfectly.

    2. dominiquednl October 17, 2023

      thank you! i try my best. glad you like it <3

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