Pokemon Money Game (-er,-est)

A speaking (and gambling) activity designed for the comparative and superlative grammar point for ninensei.

This activity was inspired by @chillyquil's Disney Dollars, and the pokedex idea was inspired by one of Lucas Hernandez' pokemon-themed lesson.

What you need:

A pack of play money... I bought mine from Daiso, I attached a picture of what the money looks like.

What to do:
Make sure all students sit in pairs.
Each student gets 4 pieces of the play money... mine were ¥10,000 bills, so students had ¥40,000 each.
Go through the powerpoint, the instruction part is pretty self-explanatory.

But in summary:
Students make a bet with their partners and they place their bets on the table.
ALT will show the question.
I made sure that the question slides show the meaning of the adjectives first, no matter how easy the adjective may be, just so ALL students have a chance at answering the question. I give them a few seconds to think too before I show the pokemons.
When the pokemons are shown along with their katakana names, the students race to speak the CORRECT answer.
A few seconds after showing the pokemons, ALT should also show the answer by clicking NEXT so that the students can know if their answers are right.
Student who spoke the correct answer first, gets the money that both players bet at the start.
Then, I have the students change to another partner.

If both of the students think they said it at the same time, they can janken. Winner gets the money.
If both of the students got the answers wrong, they can also janken. Winner gets the money.

If there are students who run out of money, I let them borrow ¥20,000 from me and just write their names on the board. This is unlimited but they have to pay me back once they have enough money.
When they pay me back, I erase their names.
If, at the end, they don't have money to pay the ALT back, it's all good... have some lighthearted jokes about them owing you.

I attached two powerpoints, one just purely comparative (-er), the other is a mix of comparative and superlative (-est).
This has been a foolproof activity for me ever since I developed it two years ago. It gets a quiet class going, and it gets a really lively class get more lively ;)))))) Students just like the idea of having money, imho don't we all? lol

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    Submitted by dominiquednl December 4, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    1. Mitchell1212 December 6, 2023

      Bravo! This is nice activity.

    2. francheese11 December 13, 2023

      Thank you very much for this wonderful activity! I did this activity with one of my classes today and they really enjoyed it! May I ask where you got those cool Pokemon images? Thanks in advance!

    3. Case1050 December 15, 2023

      Thank you so much! This was super fun and easy to understand. My students had a blast.

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