Activities posted by taliwah

  • 🐉Find the Dragon!🐉

    (Let's Try 2, Unit 8) Vocabulary review. There's a dragon hiding somewhere in the school! Find it to bring you and your class a little good luck for the year!

  • Pusheen Pizza Maker🐱🍕 (PPT)

    (Let's Try 2, Unit 7) Pusheen is a talented cat that loves to make pizza! Students can order a pizza that's sweet, savory, or a mix of the two!

  • Alphabet Coloring Game (Worksheet)

    (Let's Try 1 or 2, Unit 6) Students practice their letter recognition with a simple coloring game!

  • Find Mr. Alien!👽

    (Let's Try 1, Unit 4) Mr. Alien likes to travel all over the universe, but which planet has he gone to? Students practice their colors in this short PPT game!

  • 🏰The Castle Game🏰

    Students build and destroy each other's castles in this flexible PPT game for any grade level!

  • Daily Routine Matching Game

    (Let's Try 2, Unit 9) A PowerPoint game to review the unit vocabulary!

  • 🐁Protect the Cheese!🧀-Places in the City Edition

    (Here We Go 5, Unit 8) A hangman-style PPT game where you protect a piece of cheese from a very hungry mouse!

  • Vegetable Matching Game 🥦🥕🍅🌽

    A PowerPoint game to review vegetables!

  • Where is Santa's Hat?

    A short Christmas-themed PPT game aimed at lower elementary and kindergarten students.

  • 🍓Fruit Bakudan Game🍓

    Students practice fruit names while trying to avoid the "bakudan" that secretly lurks underneath! (Powerpoint Game)

  • Country Interview Activity Worksheet

    (Here We Go 5, Unit 6) Students walk around the room and ask each other which country they'd like to visit and why, filling out the worksheet as they go along.

  • Months of the Year Matching Game

    A Powerpoint game to review the Months of the Year

  • "Welcome to Japan" Matching Game

    (Here We Go 6, Unit 2) A matching game to review vocabulary!

  • Similar Sounds Game

    A warm-up phonics activity to practice listening and pronunciation.

  • Alphabet Matching Game (Uppercase/Lowercase)

    (Let's Try 2, Unit 6) A PowerPoint game to review uppercase and lowercase letters!