Similar Sounds Game

A warm-up phonics activity to practice listening and pronunciation.

There are seven worksheets in the file. The top half and bottom half of each sheet are two separate games.


Before starting the game, it helps to practice each pair of words with the students.

The ALT (or JTE/HRT) says one word from each pair, until they reach a number at the bottom. They then ask students which number they landed on. Finally, they reveal the correct number.

The teacher can repeat a word upon request from a student ("One more time, please"), but how many times they can ask is up to you!


Ideally, each student should have their own printout, but if that's not possible, it can also be done in pairs. Or, if you can't print them in time, then you can display the PDF file on a TV.

Although this activity is geared toward upper ES and JHS, it's useful for any and all ESL students!

Submitted by taliwah August 10, 2022 Estimated time: 5-7 mins (per worksheet)
  1. AsakawaSune August 17, 2022

    This looks great! I'll definitely try it out when things start back up :)

  2. jackcket October 25, 2022

    Thank you for this wonderful idea and the worksheets to go with it. My students like it and even my JTE gets really into it. I have the listen to me and then for an extra challenge, I also let the students read to see if they can pronounce it well enough for their classmates to hear correctly!

  3. Mango December 7, 2022

    This looks great, thank you!

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