Alphabet Coloring Game (Worksheet)

(Let's Try 1 or 2, Unit 6) Students practice their letter recognition with a simple coloring game!

About the Worksheet

The attached files include an UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE version of the Coloring Game worksheet and the Answer Key. The worksheet has: instructions in Japanese, two alphabet charts (not including Z) at the top and the bottom, and a place for students to write the letter they've revealed at the end of each round.


The teacher (ALT, JTE, HRT) calls out a letter, which the student will color in on their worksheet. Letters can be called out in any order. This continues until the hidden letter is revealed!


Although there is an "Answer Key" for the activity, you can choose a different "hidden" letter if you'd like. There's 24 others to choose from!

Submitted by taliwah October 17, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
  1. CullerTr October 25, 2023

    Is there anyway to do a lowercase version? This is perfect!

  2. taliwah October 27, 2023

    @CullenTr I actually made lowercase one for my 4th graders, I'll add it to the files!

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