Activities posted by KobeALT

  • Let's Try Likes and Dislikes Quiz

    Review quiz for colours, sports and food.

  • Pokemon Alphabet Sugoroku

    Review board game for learning upper case and lower case

  • Make a Very Hungry Caterpillar!

    Days of the week revision.

  • Days of the Week Dobble (Spot It)

    Dobble card set for days of the week

  • Surprise Birthday Present Game

    Here We Go! 5 "What do you want for your birthday?" guessing game.

  • Weather Janken Battle

    A simple weather board game

  • "I'm good at" UNO 小6

    Here We Go! Unit 1 UNO cards

  • Is this from the UK? Inventions Quiz

    A quiz about inventions from around the world, with a UK focus.

  • School Lunches Around the World

    Let's Try 1 Unit 1

  • Animal Crossing Animals Worksheet (小1年生)

    Introduces animals and "I like/don't like"

  • Alphabet Dobble

    Alphabet Dobble card set (known as Spot It in the US)

  • Where is Anya? School Rooms Quiz

    Students choose a room to see where Anya is hiding.

  • Who's That Pokemon? (What's This?)

    Let's Try 1 Unit 8 What's this? Pokemon Quiz

  • School Subjects UNO

    Vocabulary learning game

  • Christmas Uno Cards

    Christmas themed Uno cards for small classes

  • Country Quiz (Elementary)

    Country quiz practising verbs "to eat", "to ride", "to visit" and "to see".

  • Animal Window Reveal Quiz (1-10)

    Animal and numbers (1-10) revision.

  • Alphabet Flashcards

    Flascards for the alphabet, with pictures from Irasutoya.

  • Mario Sports Flashcards

    Flashards of sports for classroom use

  • Colours Dobble (Colors Spot It)

    A 13 card Dobble game on colours