School Lunches Around the World

Let's Try 1 Unit 1

A collection of school lunches for the countries featured in Let's Try 1 Unit 1. I thought I would try to bulk out the lesson with this.

I am neither American nor Australian so I am sorry if I have done your country a disservice.

You can use this as a quiz or however you please.


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    Submitted by KobeALT April 18, 2023 Estimated time: 20mins
    1. leaveseclipse April 18, 2023

      Seeing that school lunch from China took me right back to when I used to work there. That scrambled egg and tomato dish was a staple! Great PowerPoint, the kids should find it very interesting. Thank you!

    2. Mullberry April 19, 2023

      I'm from the US and eat school as a kid... I could tease that picutre lol. This is really cute. I can't wait to add this to my 3rd grades lessons in unit one.

    3. Gaijingaiden April 19, 2023

      Not to be pedantic, but the Kenya slide has a picture of Mount Kilimanjaro which is actually in Tanzinia.

    4. VinShida April 19, 2023

      I'm from the US and those pics look about right. In my day (in my 40's) and in my area, we didn't have that much veggies though. (^-^;)

    5. Miyawach April 19, 2023

      Gaijingaiden the picture with Mt. Kilimanjaro on the background is actually taken from the Kenya side of the border. The place is called Amboseli National Park(Kenya). The scenery and the elephants are fantastic especially in the morning.

    6. tsngwerume April 21, 2023

      Thank you for the contribution. I am from Africa. I sure do hope I can share with you actual pictures of school lunches from most urban schools in Africa. I hope more ALTs can help to change the many false narratives regarding Africa.

    7. KobeALT April 21, 2023

      If you search for "school lunch Kenya" then you find almost all images are rice and beans. If you would like me to include another Kenyan school lunch, please send me a picture.

    8. tsngwerume April 24, 2023

      I truly understand, there are many UN Aid pictures, even I struggle to find actual pictures about my country. I have shared with you two links of Kenyan Schools. In actual fact the school system is a bit different for most schools in Africa. School ends by 1pm and most students eat lunch at home. We usually have break time around 10am n we carry food from home.

    9. tsngwerume April 28, 2023

      The picture regarding Kenya appears to contain false information about the overall outlook of Kenyan school lunch, which could potentially affect Japanese students' perception of that country. As you know, it's important to ensure that the information we present to our students is accurate and free from any bias or misinformation. Therefore, I kindly request that you consider removing the picture from your presentation or verifying its accuracy. Thank you for your hard work on the ppt.

    10. Rachel April 28, 2023

      @tsngwerume, I totally agree with you, these pictures don`t represent school lunches in Kenya, these are stereotypical. I think if you decide to share information about a country, its best to share the actual and latest information. There is a lot of propaganda and false information that has been created on what African countries look like, if your not sure about information about a specific country, its best to ask nationals or just skip showing info about that country. Great ppt though.

    11. KobeALT May 8, 2023

      I have removed Kenya. Feel free to add your own Kenya.

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