Let's Try Likes and Dislikes Quiz

Review quiz for colours, sports and food.

Hello all,

This activity has been around ALTopedia for a while, but it always goes down a hit with my classes. I will use this for my final lesson of the summer when Year 3 will finish Let's Try Unit 4.

Simply divide the children into teams and write a point chart on the board. Get the kids to play rock, paper, scissors to decide who within the team speaks first. Get the first speaker to say "I like (colour)". Click the colour to reveal the points for the team. You can change the next round to "I don't like" so they are practising both.

There are 4 rounds of 4 questions, so teams of 4 is best, but I have small schools and can do this easily.

You can use this as a warm up or take up the whole lesson.


Edit: I have just noticed I have left the weather slide in. I don't have time to alter it and reupload it in my inaka school, sorry! Just be aware.

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    Submitted by KobeALT July 10, 2023 Estimated time: 45mins
    1. Cityfan July 11, 2023

      i really like this activity, the only problem Ive had with a similar activity has been when one group somehow found minus points time after time, leading to tears being shed.

    2. wanifan July 11, 2023

      @Cityfan I've had similar experiences with some younger kids or some of my special education classes. Usually, if I notice a group hasn't had any success at all, I'll drop a subtle hint for one or two questions, so it lets them feel like they're figuring it out for themselves, while still getting points.

    3. KobeALT July 11, 2023

      You can change the numbers so they are only positive numbers. :)

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