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Location: Fukuoka

User bio: Goals this year: have more conversational English, take advantage of technology. I often use downloaded fonts, so I recommend downloading my PDF attachments for correct formatting.

This user's activities:
Where's the basketball? A spin-off of the classic game "Guess Who". There are 16 different rooms. The students have to figure out which room their partner chose by asking "where is/are" questions. 0
Could you tell me how to get to Fukuoka Airport? This Ppt/worksheet is for the Year 3 Sunshine textbook for giving directions, although it could probably be modified for other textbooks. 1
Staff Room English This is for students to use when they come to the staff room and you're the only teacher in there. 2
Will you dance? This is a janken-style game where students ask each other "will you" questions and get points for completing the action (social distancing). This could also work for Can you, Could you, etc. 1
Candy Jar Quiz (how many) (social-distancing-friendly) Students compete to correctly guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar using a PowerPoint. 3
"What do you ~?" A speaking and writing review worksheet for practicing "What do you usually ~?" with prepostional phrases. 0
You Make the Rules! (have to/must) Students pretend they're the leader of the school and can change any school rules they want! 3
English Communication for Games A handout to help prevent students from speaking Japanese while playing games in class. 1
What is ~~ doing? Worksheet for "Park Life" A worksheet to accommodate UonumaRobert's Park Life poster, which has a picture of people doing a variety of things at a park. 2
Objective Pronoun Karuta (her/him/them) Students test their listening skills and their ability to differentiate between he/she/they and him/her/them by playing karuta. 0
Halloween Karuta some cute Halloween-themed cards to use in class along with a complimentary vocabulary list of the cards. 0
"Does he/she" Guess-the-character Game Students compete to guess as many characters as they can by asking "Does (pronoun) (verb + object)?" questions. This uses the characters in the Sunshine textbooks. 0
S/he (verb)s karuta Practice verbs with an "s" at the end by playing karuta. 0
Clock and Time Cards Students try to find their pair by asking, "What time is it?" and answering, "It's ~~." 0
Spot the Number This is a number version of the game "Spot it" (also known as "Dobble") 0
Why-because Memory Game Play memory as a class using "why" and "because". 0
What is this? What is that? Guess the Sound Play random sounds and have students in groups guess what they are. 0
"I think" game and writing Students practice expressing their honest opinions with "I think" while playing a game and then writing about what they said during the game. 0
"Did you" Bingo Here are 32 different versions of a bingo sheet to use for reviewing, "Did you ---? Yes, I did. No, I didn't." 0
Guess How Many Students go to different stations in the classroom and try and guess how many items are in a bag/container at each station. 0