Comparative/Superlative Bingo

Students play Bingo by walking around the room and asking their classmates questions. Grammar points used: ~er than, ~est, as ~ as

Students walk around and ask questions to figure out how tall their classmates are and when their birthdays are.

They then mark on their bingo sheet:
(Name) is older than I am.
(Name) is younger than I am.
(Name) is taller than I am.
(Name) is shorter than I am.
(Name) is as tall as I am.
(Name) is the tallest person here.
(Name) is the oldest person here.

After the game, they write three sentences at the bottom. They have to write their classmates' or teachers' info in the parentheses in the Bingo squares, plus their own information below, that way you can make sure their sentences are correct.

For added fun, I like to stamp their sheet when they speak Japanese. 3 stamps = no prize!

Submitted by rebvandev January 28, 2021 Estimated time: 20 minutes
  1. connichiwow October 30, 2023

    thanks for this! used it today. :) I would modify it depending on class' English level - maybe make it fewer boxes and adjectives to make it easier.

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